Campus bars announce last call


On Friday, Jan. 27, it was announced that Diablitos is closing. Saint Louis University owns the building and decided to end the lease. According to shift leader Cindy Hausman, it is uncertain what will happen to the property from here on out. “I assume they will use the lot for parking or student housing,” Cindy said. “But we were not really told what would happen to Diablitos.”

The building that currently houses Diablitos has had a diverse history.  Five years ago, it was a pasta house and before that it was a coffee house.

Eighteen SLU students will be affected by this closing because of their varying roles as bartenders, waiters and shift leaders at Diablitos. The owner is hoping to retain as many of his employees as possible with his next venture.

“The owner plans on opening a smokehouse steakhouse nearby,” said Hausman.

This closing comes shortly after College Night, which Diablitos hosted the night before closing was announced.

At College Night, a handful of students managed to get in with fake IDs and, according to Hausman, an anonymous call was made reporting the acceptance of fake IDs at Diablitos.

Therefore, there is a lot of speculation that College Night was the reason for SLU closing Diablitos. “College Night is not the main factor, but it might have played a role in SLU ending the lease,” Hausman said.

Diablitos will be open until Valentine’s Day and during this time they will not be doing any more College Nights.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch announced on Jan. 20 that the restorations to Humphrey’s Restaurant & Tavern have been stalled.  This comes after the bar was closed on New Year’s for renovations.

Entrepreneur Bernie Squitieri bought the building in May with intentions to make the bar a bigger and better establishment. Now it is possible that he might have other plans for the building. Therefore, demolition in March is unlikely.  The fate of Humphrey’s is still a mystery and, to add to that, a lot of Humphrey’s memorabilia have been put up for sale on eBay.

In the meantime, to fill the void that was the famous Penny Pitcher Night at Humphrey’s, students have attended other alternatives:

The Library Annex has started another version of Pennies. Cover here was $5 for an hour of penny-pitchers  running from 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. with the DJ beginning at 11 p.m.

“We wanted to continue the Wednesday tradition and give students an on-campus bar to hang out at,” bartender Morgan Link said. “The feel was definitely a little different from late-night Lannex with brighter lights and Adam Casanova as DJ mixing in a few throwbacks.” According to Link, everyone who attended Penny Pitchers at the Library Annex was enjoying themselves and she considers the event a success, since an estimated 300 people attended.

The bowling bar in the bottom of the Moolah apartments has also made an attempt to replace Pennies. Specials included $1 Natural Light and PBR, $2 bowling and $2 shoe rental from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. Moolah Dollar Beer Bowling had about 200 people attend. Student Edvinas Vaicikauskas described the vibe of the event as being similar to Humphrey’s in the sense that it was more of a social place. “Yes there is good music playing which is loud enough to have a good time but not too loud so you can walk around and talk to everyone,” Vaicikauskas said. “Also the fact that you can bowl, play pool or ping pong really adds to the fun atmosphere.”

Although, long-time running Humphrey’s and Diablitos are closing, there are still other options for students. Alongside Penny Pitchers at Library Annex and Moolah Dollar Beer Bowling, there is Narwhal’s as well as Mi Caribe, so not all hope is lost.

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