Let Us Introduce You: Luke Wilson

Let Us Introduce You: Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson is a freshman at Saint Louis University currently studying Flight Science. Wilson was born in Galesburg, Illinois (Carl Sandburg, a prolific poet was also born there). Later, he moved to Toulon, Illinois where he has a farm. Toulon is about 160 miles southwest of Chicago. Wilson and his family grow corn and beans.

In addition to farming, he plays with his dog, Tank. Tank is a Rottweiler, a breed that Wilson loves. Ever since Wilson was a little boy, he has been interested in aviation and flying.

Aviation goes down his family roots beginning with his grandfather’s passion for the wide-open skies. Wilson’s dad got a private license when he was in college. Now, Wilson is following in his parents’ and grandparents’ footsteps by also pursuing aviation studies. According to Wilson, “flying is an opportunity to explore the different lands and seas. From above, you can see the green lands and blue oceans uniting together to form the beautiful earth.”

While Wilson is concentrating on aviation, he also has many side interests. For instance, he loves to watch and play soccer. His favorite international team is Arsenal. Every week, Wilson and his friends go to the park and play soccer.

Wilson is also very conscious of what he wears. He aims to look smart, snazzy, and dapper. Wilson learns about trends and styles from GQ Magazine. Wilson was even prom king in high school. Not only does he have fashion sense, but he also has a great personality. He is 6’ 5”.

During his time at SLU, Wilson has done some fun things in St. Louis. He has been downtown and visited places like the Arch and Union Station. When he went to Union Station last November, he saw the Winter Wonderland. There were games, cookies and cupcakes, as well as mini activities like dancing and mini-golf.

He also went to the Galleria and Delmar Loop. During the winter season, he frequented Steinberg Skating Rink. Located in Forest Park, the rink is known for its location and food.

When asked what he loved most about SLU, Wilson responded, “Every person has a story, a unique story. People are genuine and caring. I love the food. I love Wednesday night brinners (bro-dinner) with my Reinert Floor buddies.”

It is through this sense of community that Wilson connects to SLU. Although college only lasts four years, Wilson can achieve his dreams through SLU and can make lifelong memories in the process.

Q. Why do you prefer farming life over urban life?

It’s where I grew up. It’s ingrained in me. I can get peace and quiet. I can get darkness. In the city, there is city light pollution. The countryside is quiet, filled with nature and stars.

Q. What are your plans?

I will sign on with a corporate company. I want to fly luxury jets; jets that are high quality. I will also be a pilot and fly for the rest of my life.

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