Student leaving SLU spends $410 in Flex buying cookies for strangers

Student leaving SLU spends $410 in Flex buying cookies for strangers

What would you do if you had only one last day in college?

For freshman Christopher Toalson, the answer was to go out with a bang. After deciding over the weekend that perhaps college wasn’t for him, Toalson withdrew from his classes at SLU on Monday. However, he quickly realized that his $410 worth of Flex wouldn’t be much use in his hometown of Lawrence, Kan. While some students’ first instinct might be to stock up on snacks from The Pod or Starbucks gift cards, Toalson decided to use his remaining Flex dollars differently. “I just kind of realized that if I didn’t use it that night then it would go to waste, so I figured I might as well do something nice. I know I wasn’t going to eat $200 worth of Panera on my own,” he said.

In a video posted to Facebook Monday night, Toalson explains his situation to the cashier at St. Louis Bread Co. and decides to spend all $410 at one time. Not only did Toalson buy all of the cookies that Panera had available, but he also purchased dinner for several strangers that were standing behind him in line. He then handed out his cookies to students around the BSC. Everyone knows how stingy students can be with their Flex, so it seems Saint Louis University is losing one of its most generous students.

Click here to see the Facebook video.


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