Students return rested after break

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It is finally 2017 — a new year, a new start (even a new president). Filled with resolutions, people all over are ready for another exhilarating year. For students, a new year also means a new semester filled with academics, extracurricular activities and fun with friends. Before getting used to another semester, students had the chance to engage in exciting events around the St. Louis area.

Luke Wilson, a freshman at SLU, was happy to return to St. Louis. He enjoys ice skating at Steinberg Skating Rink in Forest Park. Wilson also went to eat at World’s Fair Doughnuts before classes began. Located about half of a  mile south of Interstate 44 and near Missouri’s Botanical Garden, World’s Fair Doughnuts has a variety of delicious donuts. Wilson said, “I’ve never tried such amazing donuts in my life. For anyone who loves donuts, this is the place to go.”

Once classes started, Wilson felt both exhilarated and overwhelmed. Seeing his old friends, making new friends and meeting professors made for an eventful, exciting syllabus week, but Wilson knows his classes will be difficult and that his schedule will be demanding.

Rucha Patel, a sophomore at SLU, went to the Missouri History Museum, located in North Forest Park, where she learned about toys made during the 50s, 60s and 70s. A few speakers described what it was like playing with the toys assembled 40-60 years ago. From the 80s to now, there has been a major increase in technological innovation. With television rising in popularity, more toys became related to shows.

During syllabus week, Patel enjoyed meeting her new professors. She is taking a lot of writing-intensive courses such as creative writing. Every week, she has to write and analyze several papers. Currently, she is writing an essay about a kid who is stuck in a tomb and seeking help. Patel is also excited to go to the InterFaith Alliance meeting because she makes an effort to try to understand different faiths as well as  different perspectives and interactions.

While many students did activities outside of campus, there were also fun events on campus during the first week of school. Winter Welcome, a series of events similar to Fall Welcome, was created to make the first week of school less stressful. There were events like Bingo, SLU Fair and leadership meetings as well as free hot chocolate, among other giveaways.

Next Sunday will be important for sports fans. Feb. 5 marks Super Bowl LI. The Atlanta Falcons are taking on the New England Patriots. SLU has many watch parties during the event. Ready for wings? Nachos? Well, let the semester be wild and fun.