What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

Natalie: For Valentine’s Day I’m going to go out to eat with my bff to celebrate the fact that we are strong, independent women who don’t need no man. Then I’m going to go home, put my leftovers in the fridge and rock back and forth for a few days, contemplating the inevitably of dying alone. Just kidding… I’m also going to buy some chocolate. Because treat yo’ self.

Trevor: My girlfriend goes to Miami University, so I’ll probably just treat the 14th like any other day of the year. But do people in couples truly look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day? Do couples and non-couples look at this holiday with any more indifference than the other? It’s close enough to Christmas, so I don’t feel like there’s a huge obligation to buy your significant other a gift. I guess some people go to some fancy restaurant, but the only thing I’ve done in celebration of Valentine’s Day is eat the candy that my parents bought me. In elementary school, we were forced to send cards with candy to everyone in the class, and then jabs would be traded among friend groups that so-and-so “like” liked so-and-so.

TL;DR, Valentine’s Day is dumb.

Megan H: I’m being lame-sauce and going to a movie for extra credit. Then I have to write a reflection about it. Excuse me while I go weep away my feelings by watching Jews and Muslims getting persecuted. So much pain. So much heartache…*sniff* I’ll be fine.

Kendra R: Apart from recovering from the Valentine’s Feast that DineSlu is putting on the day before, I have no plans for V Day. It will be a day like any other—class, club meetings, wallowing in self-pity, homework, etc. I imagine I will end the day watching a rom-com with my roommate and crying about my lack of a love life. My favorite aspect of Valentine’s Day is the day after when I can get candy from Target at a reduced price—it really makes enduring the holiday worth it.

Will: Both the girl whom I often take on dates and I will be heading to our respective night classes.  I believe I’ll be delving into the idea of censorship in the world of Russian politics with none other than Dr. Ellen Carnaghan and 13 other lonely hearts.  One of the readings due for the night is “A Naughty Apartment.” I’m not sure if that is supposed to pan out into something sultry in our second floor McGannon classroom or was just used as a ploy to excite my classmates….I will let you know next week.

Alexis M: My Valentine’s Day plans this year will be the same as they were last year and the year before last; as Harry Potter would say, “I’ll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending that I don’t exist.” In my opinion, why should Valentine’s be more special than any other day of the year? It’s just a commercialized holiday started by Hallmark and chocolate companies in order to brainwash people into buying flowers, candies and pre-packaged love letters for their significant other. Valentine’s Day is fun and all when you’re in grade school and can swap out a regular class day for a day full of DIY boxes, cards and candy, but in the adult world it’s stressful and usually results in receiving oversized balloons from your mom in public. Instead of one commercialized day of the year, you should acknowledge your loved ones every day. Besides, it’s more romantic to be spontaneous. The moral of the story here is don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Megan A: I will be spending Valentine’s day with the cutest boy ever. He’s one and a half and I babysit him every Tuesday and Thursday.  I’ll do all the cooking, as he can’t reach the stove top and it will most likely be an extravagant mac and cheese dinner with a nice glass of milk. After that, we will probably watch a movie and play with some blocks. Then I will go home, go to bed and wait excitedly for next year.

Lauren: This Valentine’s Day I have huge plans. I have a very special someone who has stuck by me all 365 days of the year and truly deserves a day all about them. I’ll probably start by making a special breakfast. My Tuesdays are unfortunately very busy, so I sadly cannot plan a day filled with hearts, chocolate, oversized teddy bears, flowers or showers of compliments. But, I can promise to order an extremely large heart-shaped cheese pizza and a bag of Dove chocolates along with some flowers that will make my apartment smell nice for about five days. Then, I will end the day by checking my bank account and have #noragrets about how much money I just spent treating myself. *Insert sassy girl emoji here*

Kyle: If you love someone, you should celebrate every day like it’s Valentine’s Day. So I’ll be spending this Feb. 14 like I do every day: handing out Dum-Dums and Star Wars valentines to my SO.

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