Let Us Introduce You: Nathan Dollinger


If there is one man who does it all, it’s senior Nathan Dollinger. Dollinger is a health information management major as well as a pre-medical student. He is also on his way to getting a Master’s in health data science.

Dollinger’s day starts at 5 a.m. Everyday begins with a workout before he either goes to class or his lab at Washington University. Between going to class, working at the lab, attending meetings and studying, he usually does not get back to his apartment until late, and then it’s usually straight to bed. On the weekends, Dollinger dedicates his time to Gateway Ambulance as an EMT.

Over his time at SLU, Dollinger has devoted his time to a wide variety of organizations. He has been an active member of his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. He has held leadership positions in the fraternity, including Vice President of Operations. He was also a member of Oriflamme and former president of Greek Week.

“Being a senior this year, I am slowly stepping away from my campus involvements,” Dollinger said. There is one organization, however, that Dollinger is staying fully committed to and that is Relay for Life.

This year, Dollinger is co-chairing the event.

“Being co-chair is a very rewarding experience and I am happy that I have the amazing opportunity,” Dollinger said. Dollinger gets to work with a 60 member Event Leadership Team and a Hope Squad of 30 people that he finds truly inspiring.

“Relay truly brings people together from all over campus inspired by the same mission and that is what keeps it interesting,” he said.

Dollinger’s passion for Relay for Life began in high school. A friend and teammate of his, Matt Mammosser, passed away suddenly during Dollinger’s junior year from primary nervous system metatstatic melanoma. His school came together from that experience and formed the first Relay team that Dollinger was a part of that summer. Dollinger continued his involvement with SLU Relay because of the inspiration he received from Mammosser.

Dollinger started off as a captain of his Relay team his freshman year. By sophomore year he became involved in the Event Leadership Team, which helps plan the event. By junior year, he held a position on the executive board. Now, in his final year at SLU, he is running the show.

“The reason I Relay continues to be for Matt and the inspiration he was in my life,” Dollinger said.

Relay for Life is on April 1 at Hermann Stadium from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. If you have not signed up already, it is not too late to do so.

The event is dedicated to raising money for cancer research. It is an event for communities to recognize and celebrate those who have overcome cancer or are undergoing treatment, as well as those who care for these patients.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate the memories of loved ones who have been lost to cancer.

Q&A with Nathan:

Q. What are you researching in your lab at Washington University? 

Currently I’m working on a project researching the very cancer which Matt was affected by.

Q. What is your favorite part about SLU Relay?

My favorite part about SLU Relay is that we not only have an impact on the lives of those affected by cancer, but also we create an experience for all of SLU students to enjoy and learn about the power of giving of yourself for the love of others.

Q. What is your least favorite thing about being co-chair?

If I had to name a least favorite thing it would be the fact that everyone assumes it [Relay for Life] is a race the first time you talk to them. RELAY FOR LIFE IS NOT A RACE! It is truly an amazing experience that everyone should be a part of.

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