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Kesha and Macklemore hit mark on performance, but sub-par on vocals

Madisyn Siebert, Associate Arts Editor

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The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore took to the stage on July 10 at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Despite the brutal heat, fans filled the pavilion and lawn to be close to the two stars.

Fans showed up covered in glitter, rainbows, glitter, funky outfits and did I mention glitter? The glitter was nothing less than abundant on almost every person who came out to enjoy the show.

Macklemore performed first on his stage that looked like a backyard getaway. It had palm trees, hammocks, fake grass and a picnic table to top it all off. Macklemore had high energy with background dancers and a full band. He made sure to tell stories between most songs, creating a perfect segway into the next one. He also played all of his major songs, from “Thrift Shop” to “Same Love” to ensure the crowd would be singing along with him all evening.

Macklemore kept fans energized by making sure they felt involved in the show. During his song “Willy Wonka,” he invited two guests on stage who had golden tickets located under their seats. They sat on an air mattress, got to watch Macklemore perform close-up as he also jumped and sang right in between them. My personal favorite Macklemore moment with the audience was when he threw a packaged hot dog into the crowd, which was successfully caught and eaten by a proud fan.

Macklemore closed up his set before Kesha took the stage. She made her debut from a huge spaceship, located in the center back of the stage.

Kesha came out singing songs off of her latest album “Rainbow,” and all of her fans immediately sang along with her. Kesha strutted around the stage and had numerous outfit changes. But would it really be a Kesha concert if she did not have confetti? In fact, the singer had her own confetti cannon and was shooting it into the crowd multiple times.

Kesha played not only new songs, but also the classics that put her on the map. One of her most anticipated songs “Praying” was definitely her best song vocally because the singer really put herself into that song, instead of focusing on the antics of performing. She made a speech after performing the song and explained how every time she sings that song, it makes her feel emotional and reminds her that she had a fear of never doing this again. “Praying” was her revival song after she went to court against Dr. Luke, who she accused of sexual abuse.

Macklemore came back out to join Kesha and they performed their summer hit single “Good Old Days.” The fun and upbeat song made the crowd ecstatic, especially since it is getting so much radio play recently. It was amazing to hear such a current popular song being played right in front of you.

Overall, Kesha did not impress with her vocals. She seemed rushed and her voice did not seem strong. She seemed to often skip out on high notes in favor of a dance move or more confetti. Her singing was not bad, but it was just not up to par like one would hope after listening to her albums.

The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore Tour was a sight to see – but vocally, it missed the mark. Both artists made sure the crowd was having a fun time, which I admired most.


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Kesha and Macklemore hit mark on performance, but sub-par on vocals