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An Editorial Board Statement on “No Vote: Still Political”

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An Editorial Board Statement on “No Vote: Still Political”

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The University News prides itself on showcasing a variety of different events on campus and opinions held by writers and contributors. When the organization falls short on quality, it is its duty to be held accountable and to be transparent about the mistake made.

In the UNews’ sixth edition of volume XCVIII, called “A House Divided,” which was published and distributed on Nov. 15, contributor Chuck Kolmer wrote an opinion article titled “No Vote: Still Political,” in which he addressed why he did not vote during the midterm elections. His argument was rooted in the premise that a political party’s primary concern is to defeat its competition, rather than perpetuate collaboration through open dialogue.

Alongside the printed article, a photo of contributor Jack Johnson, and not Kolmer, was featured, as it is customary for opinion articles to be paired with photographs of their writers. The University News mistakenly inserted the incorrect picture alongside Kolmer’s article.

In this statement, the editorial board of the University News wants to make clear that the photograph alongside the opinion article is not of Kolmer, and it does not reflect Johnson’s views. The editorial board offers its sincerest apologies to both parties and strives to advocate for the students of Saint Louis University.

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An Editorial Board Statement on “No Vote: Still Political”