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Weezer Brings St. Louis a Timeless Performance

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Weezer Brings St. Louis a Timeless Performance

Photo Courtesy of Riley Tovornik

Photo Courtesy of Riley Tovornik

Photo Courtesy of Riley Tovornik

Photo Courtesy of Riley Tovornik

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On March 24, Weezer performed for a vivacious crowd gathered at Enterprise Center. The night began with an English rock band called The Basement and then proceeded into a spectacular and engaging performance by the Pixies.

The wide age range of audience members set this concert apart from others. Two fans, Lisa and Darin, both 35,  said they are the “staple fans of their generation.” Revealing that they’ve listened to Weezer since fifth grade, Darin said, “We became fans before we even realized what their music even meant.”

They elaborated, saying that, at first, songs like “Buddy Holly” and “Say it Ain’t So” didn’t have any meaning to them besides sounding “really awesome,” implying that Weezer’s catchy tunes were enough to turn them into dedicated fans. However, as Lisa and Darin continued to listen to Weezer’s music throughout high school and college, the two of them started to understand Weezer’s seemingly whimsically chosen lyrics much better and became fans for life.

On the opposite spectrum, a newly-turned 13-year-old girl said she had asked for Weezer tickets for her birthday. This young fan proves Weezer can impressively reach multiple generations, creating timeless music for all.

At the start of the year, Weezer released an album titled “Teal Album,” consisting strictly of cover songs. Then, in March, Weezer’s sixth album, “Black Album,” was released. Regardless of Weezer’s various new releases, they made sure to incorporate a variety of their older hits into their concert as well.

With the curtains hiding the stage, Weezer’s four band members, Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell and Scott Shriner, warmed up the crowd by making their way to the front of the audience. Dressed as a barbershop quartet, the band performed an acapella version of “Buddy Holly.” Fans cheered with excitement as the familiar melody started to float from their lips.

As the band took the stage to play “My Name is Jonas,” the curtains opened to reveal a replication of Weezer’s 1994 “Buddy Holly” music video set, transporting fans back in time to their younger years.  

After playing several songs such as “Surf Wax America” and “Undone-The Sweater Song,” Weezer played “Island in the Sun,” a definite crowd pleaser.

Midway through the song, Cuomo pointed the microphone toward the audience as the entire stadium, perfectly synchronized, belted the beloved chorus.

Later in the show, the set changed to a garage backdrop and a colorful, lit-up version of their winged flying-W logo was brought on stage.

After Cuomo surprised the audience by goofily rowing a pretend wooden boat  halfway around the crowd on the floor, he stopped to play their cover song, “Stand by Me,” originally performed by Ben E. King. Incorporating this cover song, and others such as “Take on Me” and “Africa,” into their setlist, Weezer successfully sparked the hearts and memories of many fans.

Weezer’s youthful energy did not end there. Later in the performance, after a night filled with colorful lights illuminating the audience, Weezer brought out an enormous disco ball and its  spinning dance gave the arena a glittering effect. With the audience fired up, the arena felt like a huge party you didn’t want to miss.

Fans excitedly waited around knowing there would be an encore after the band left the stage. Weezer came back on stage to play one last cover by TLC called “No Scrubs.” After the song ended, Cuomo reminded the audience that Weezer never disappoints their fans and proceeded to play the original version of “Buddy Holly,” this time giving fans a chance to sing along. Under the colorful lights that illuminated the arena, streamers flew down into the audience to wrap up the unforgettable night.

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Weezer Brings St. Louis a Timeless Performance