Taste of Saint Louis 2022

An experience for all of the senses

Eat. Drink. Taste. That is the slogan of the “Taste of Saint Louis” festival, and it is an appropriate way of describing the experience. 

Hannah Johnson

The annual “Taste of Saint Louis” festival took place at Ballpark Village over the weekend of Sept. 23-25, 2022. Filled with booths from local restaurants, this event provides attendees with the opportunity to discover the diverse cuisines that the city has to offer.

Eat. Restaurant Row, the main circle of food tents in Ballpark Village, featured over twenty local restaurants. One restaurant was Dewey’s Bakery. Founded nearly one hundred years ago by Morovian immigrants in the midst of the Great Depression, Dewey’s now sells their famous thin, crispy Moravian cookies in grocery stores across the country. Another booth, Bayou Seasoning and Catering, served dishes that celebrate the French Creole history of the city. For a fun treat enjoyed by children and adults alike, Boardwalk Waffles and Ice Cream brought the Jersey Shore to Saint Louis with their signature waffle ice cream sandwich. 

Drink. A great complement to all of the food options, Poke Doke, a local poke shop, mixed it up with bubble tea to order. Available in jasmine, taro, Thai or strawberry milk flavors, these delicious drinks provide a fun Asian flair. Another option, Under the Sun Snowcone Shack, offered vibrant and refreshing icy drinks. This small business has shops around the Saint Louis area and also caters events, sharing their treats across the community. 

Hannah Johnson

Taste. Beyond the taste of the food and drink at the festival, the atmosphere provided a true sense of the Saint Louis community. Staff at the food booths were friendly and helpful, demonstrating the welcoming nature of the city. The festival also featured local DJs and artists through live music, which, along with the food, brought people of all generations, cultures and professions together. Kids danced to the music in their seats as they enjoyed waffle ice cream sandwiches, families gathered around tables to enjoy Creole cuisine and couples danced in front of the DJ. The entire environment of the festival offered a glimpse of the diverse, uplifting and connected community of Saint Louis.

Through eating, drinking and tasting at the “Taste of Saint Louis” festival, one becomes better acquainted with the city. Whether one decides to attend the festival next year, check out local restaurants now or engage in another community experience. Get out into the local community to find your own taste of Saint Louis.