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Grand Center offers relief from the lulls of summer

Kelley Dunn May 3, 2007

The lazy doldrums of summer just got a little less dull. This summer, when you find yourself toiling in the agony of summer boredom, never fear-salvation can be found just a short walk away. Susan Wedemeyer,...

Latest buddy movie stars SNL trio

KATIE LEWIS May 3, 2007

Rod Kimble lives and breathes stunts. He sets up ramps for his moped around his neighborhood, attempting to jump swimming pools and milk trucks. The problem is that the poor guy has no skills as an amateur...

Sprint Upstage: A world of technology in .37 inches

Kelley Dunn May 3, 2007

Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing. The days of the brownish, cream-colored kitchen telephone with the tangled, 20-foot cord are distant memories. The times when changing the channel on the television...

Summer movies of 2007 hit all genres

Landon Burris Kevin Boehm May 3, 2007

Once again, the folks in Hollywood are offering up a scrumptious palate of spectacular films fit to feed even the most bloated of ardent cinema aficionados. Full of sequels, action flicks, CGI romps and...

Storytelling Festival ends on Sunday

[email protected] May 3, 2007

Once upon a time, storytellers were as common as books are today. To relive those days, the 28th Annual St. Louis Storytelling Festival, hosted by University of Missouri-St. Louis, returns on May 3 to...

Let Me Explain: One page at a time

KATIE LEWIS May 3, 2007

That old familiar feeling is back again. Let me explain. What is it about this time of year that makes restlessness shake our thought processes? It's almost summer yet again, and we're one step closer...

Christopher Moore pens new novel

Kate Strycker May 3, 2007

Have you ever wondered what happened to Jesus during those missing teenage years? Do you know what to do if you have a demon as your servant? What would you do if you found out your significant other was...

Underappreciated bands: The ’90s

Tim Elliott Kaylen Hoffman F May 3, 2007

1) Blur: They had lyrics that all English kids, or Anglophile Americans, could relate to. They had a cute music video with a walking emotive milk carton. They had an egotistical lead singer named Damon...

M?l?e makes new album

[email protected] May 3, 2007

How many bands get their name by randomingly picking it out of a dictionary? Not many! M?l?e, a new band based out of Orange County, has released a new album Devils & Angels in early April. This band...

Country music: The twang that defines the sound of America


I have a confession to make. I love country music, and I don't care who knows it. Before you scoff, let me clarify a few things. Country music is not the collection of clich?s that popular culture all...

Business in the front, party in the back

Landon Burris April 19, 2007

The much-anticipated sequel to the album Mullets Rock!, Mullets Rock! Too! is now available (Sony Legacy Recordings). The album contains 18 songs that exemplify the "business in the front, party in the...

Unappreciated bands: The ’70s

Tim Elliott Kaylen Hoffman F April 19, 2007

1) MC5-If you like the Stooges, you will probably love MC5. They are partially responsible for the dawning of punk (real punk), and their suggestive anti-establishment lyrics and thrashing guitar chords...

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