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Blockbusters: A summer spotlight

[email protected] April 27, 2005

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith" A new twist on the mundane life of suburbia is created in one of the many sure-fire hits of the summer, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," due in theaters June 10. The premise...

The Butler does it one last time

[email protected] April 27, 2005

So here it is: The column I've thought about and dreaded this entire year. The coda to the four greatest years of my life, summarized in one final article. It's a tall order, considering the proud...

POTD 428

[email protected] April 27, 2005

Rob Pendergest/The University News University President Lawrence Biondi, S.J., speaks to students at a town hall meeting on Monday evening. On April 22, he and his fellow administrators decided to retract...

Open dialogue is a must

[email protected] April 27, 2005

We can work it out. We can work it out. The administration sings a different song lately. After weeks of student discontent over new and ever-increasing financial obligations, SLU's money-handlers...

Protesters deserve our thanks

[email protected] April 27, 2005

If the members of the University administration hadn't decided to rescind the graduation fee, silly string would have been the least of their worries at this year's commencement ceremony. Thanks...


[email protected] April 27, 2005

A thank you To the Editor: There are several things for which I would like to thank the administration. First, I thank you for rescinding the graduation fee for current seniors. It is always difficult...

Considering humility

[email protected] April 27, 2005

I'm not going to lie. I don't look a day older than 16. So when my supervisor at the parish at which I work asked me to make a presentation to the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, I wanted...

Seniors Say Goodbye

[email protected] April 27, 2005

Thomas Kiphart After two-and-a-half years of working behind the scenes for the business department here at The University News, I had to jump at the chance to put in my two cents. Nothing I have to say...

Baseball’s Afternoon Delight

[email protected] April 27, 2005

It would be an absoute lie if I did not admit that one deciding factor in my attending Saint Louis University, though small, is its proximity to Busch Stadium. It had been a long time since Cardinals...

Naked Statues ‘Bare It All’ in Xavier Hall

[email protected] April 27, 2005

Everyone at Saint Louis University has heard of the Bare Naked Statues. Even if you haven't been to one of their shows yet, chances are you've seen them perform at a campus event at least once....

Backstreet Boys finally man up

[email protected] April 27, 2005

"Oh my God we're back again..." That's right, the Backstreet Boys have returned from their four-year hiatus to grace the radio, once again, with their dazzling vocal talents. Apparently,...

Summer films crackle with retro flair

[email protected] April 28, 2004

So many films, so little time. As Hollywood prepares its annual dash for your cash, The University News offers a brief glimpse into this summer's hottest blockbusters. Troy opens May 14 Movies like Braveheart...

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