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“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” Offers a Wholesome Escape From the Real World

Aman Rahman, Staff Writer April 24, 2020

Since the beginning of quarantine, some have chosen to cope by doing activities such as cooking, while others have chosen to venture to a virtual island where they can create their own escape from reality.    “Animal...

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We Are All Struggling with Our Mental Health Right Now: Here’s How to Cope

Celia Searles, Arts Editor April 20, 2020

Vivid dreams. Aches and pains. Difficulty concentrating. Feeling alone. Picking fights with the people around you. Upset stomach. These symptoms all may seem isolated on the surface, but when strung together,...

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UNews Cookbook: Vegan Edition

Claire Battista, Sydney Compton, Celia Searles, Daniel Bernas, and Elle West April 20, 2020

As college students, many of us struggle to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Running to and from class, extracurriculars, meetings, internships and jobs is not necessarily conducive with healthy eating, especially...

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Proactive Responses to COVID-19 from Celebrities

Sara Qalbani, Staff Writer April 18, 2020

With the new stay at home orders and social distancing rules set in place, people around the nation have been affected physically, mentally and emotionally. With the consequences of this pandemic, there...

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A Virtual Tour of the Van Gogh Museum is (Almost) as Good as the Real Thing

Ashlee Kothenbeutel, Illustrator April 16, 2020

As the wise axiom goes, “Earth without art is just ‘eh’.” If you have been craving art or maybe you’re just bored and looking to expand your intellectual horizons, there are a few virtual museum...

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Top 5 Best Anime

Sam Glass, Sports Editor April 13, 2020

Anime. The guilty pleasure for many is a unique artform that many write off as childish cartoons, but, for those well acquainted, are much more than that. So, I’m writing this list of my top anime to...

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Nine Ways to Limit Your Screen Time and Make the Most of Your Quarantine

Daniel Bernas, Staff Writer April 12, 2020

There are two ways to look at sheltering in place. One way is that it’s an interruption of what you’d rather be doing. The other way to look at it is that it’s an opportunity to do something you’d...

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Quarantine-Worthy Shows to Watch on Netflix

Aman Rahman, Staff Writer April 11, 2020

Having to stay home during the coronavirus quarantine can get pretty redundant considering the limited activities available at home. Many people have chosen Netflix as their designated escape during this...

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How to Stay in Touch With the People You Miss While Still Social Distancing

Sara Qalbani, Staff Writer April 10, 2020

When everyone is stuck inside their homes and practicing social distancing, you don’t get the opportunity to see the people you normally do on a regular basis. Whether it’s friends or families, it...

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UNews Cookbook: Our Go-To Recipes During Quarantine

Claire Battista, Sam Glass, Ashlee Kothenbeutel, Rebecca LiVigni, and Kelly Siempelkamp April 9, 2020

In the midst of quarantine, social distancing and a seemingly excess amount of time on our hands, individuals are turning to various hobbies and activities to stay busy. For me, cooking and baking helps...

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Recent Album Releases Just In Time for Social Distancing

Sara Qalbani, Staff Writer April 7, 2020

In a time like this, one of the most simple ways to ease worry is to listen to some new music. Within the past month, artists have released new albums and singles seemingly in good timing for individuals...

Pages Turning: The Art of St. Louis’s Streets

Pages Turning: The Art of St. Louis’s Streets

Jack Connaghan and Lourdes Hindi April 4, 2020

To the untrained eye, St. Louis may seem like a relatively bland city bogged down by memories of past greatness and a troubled social climate in the present. Upon closer inspection, however, one can see...

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