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Look: See Injustice Here

Mary Devine

March 9, 2006

To the Editor: Injustice-it's something horrible that happens far away. Something that we should think about, but that never directly affects us. At the last Billiken basketball game, I saw a horrible injustice performed by a SLU student. While waiting for a bus to bring me back to campus, I witnessed...

Be Smart During Break

Students for Life

March 9, 2006

To the Editor: As college students across the nation prepare to embark on journeys to a variety of spring break destinations, a curious coincidence has developed in the advertising campaign of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Planned Parenthood offers a wide range of reproductive healthcare...

Majors Shouldn’t Carry Same Standards

Sean MacLennan

March 9, 2006

To the Editor: The concept that all majors should be treated equally is preposterous and sadly is the principle upon which the University and its scholarship program operate. Not all majors are equal in difficulty or in the amount of mental taxation on the student. There is a reason that the average...

Res Life Responds

Argyle Wade

March 9, 2006

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the letter authored by Katie Lewis and printed in the March 2, 2006, issue of The University News. I feel that Ms. Lewis unfairly characterized the Department of Housing and Residence Life as unhelpful and blamed my staff because she wasn't able to get a single...

Blue Crew, We Can’t Hear You

Chris Viernes

January 19, 2006

To the Editor: I can't lie, I wont deny it - of the four years that I have spent here at SLU, only this year have I really gotten into our watching and supporting our sports teams. It is a commonly known fact, although not openly admitted, that our school is widely apathetic. I am not here to write...

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