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An Apology to Our Readers


September 21, 2005

Last Wednesday, amid the bustle of production night, I was asked by our entertainment editor, Diana Benanti, if she could use the word "douche bag" in an article. I should have killed it right then. But instead, thinking the word far less offensive than many of our readers and friends have reminded me...

Be a Leader?

Matthew Lehner

September 14, 2005

During my junior and senior years of high school, I guess you could have said I was an overachiever. To gain some experience and a feel for the field I was thinking about pursuing, I took the initiative to call my local state representative to see if I could help out on his campaign or district office. Af...

That SLU Instinct


September 14, 2005

The best way to show your pride in the Billiken: Stick him in the middle of the street. Step on his face; put your feet over his mouth. And let cars drive over him. School pride at SLU can be painful. But the Billiken Pride Initiative plans to fix that.The first enhancement of school spirit: an enormous Bi...

It Is a Shrubbery!


September 14, 2005

Two weeks ago, there appeared mysteriously on the west lawn of the Busch Student Center a gigantic, ivy bush in the vague shape of our beloved Billiken. For whom or what purpose this addition was intended is still uncertain. As far as we can tell, no one among the student body was crusading for the in...

Give Justice to That Roberts Guy…

Rex Gradeless

September 14, 2005

There I was, walking through campus with a friend. We were on our way to grab some dinner at Fusz and had run out of things to talk about. And so I asked, "Hey, what do you think about the John Roberts nomination?" "The who?"So it seems that some of my friends have yet to see the importance of the Ro...

…He Seems Alright

Benjamin Wisnewski

September 14, 2005

The Roberts nomination for Chief Justice of the United States could have ramifications on this country for decades to come. While some may not care all that much about John Roberts or the Supreme Court in general, to quote Rex Gradeless, "The Roberts nomination is a 'big deal.'"At 50 years old, it is...

Know the Mass

Silvia McLain

September 14, 2005

Walking down the steps of Gries amid a throng of 10 p.m. Mass-goers, I looked out in the Quad to see several more groups of students strolling toward the College Church for their weekly dose of good music and humorous homily. When I got to the church, I watched in amazement as hundreds more students fi...

We Are A Community


September 8, 2005

There is no need for elegant introduction or sentimental preface: Every one of us is deeply saddened by the disaster along the Gulf Coast and empathetic to those whose lives have been affected. So much has been said of the disaster. And much more will be said-as it should be-by friends, family, the co...

Re: Katrina

Erica Rancilio

September 8, 2005

Editor's note: The following is an e-mail from Erica Rancilio, a 2004 SLU graduate, who attends Tulane Law School. She sent this letter to a friend at SLU last week, and later gave it to the University News to share with our readers. Dear _______,While taking a year off to work post-graduation, promises I ...

Wear Your Own Pants

Sarah Hale

September 8, 2005

Just before Labor Day, I wore a conspicuously large hole through my favorite pair of corduroys. I was repeatedly advised by family and close friends to throw them away, but a twinge of materialistic nostalgia kept them from the trash. While visiting my grandparents over the holiday weekend, I related to...

A Fresh Perspective

Jen Mertens

September 8, 2005

A glimpse into the mind of college freshmen would definitely reveal the wide array of emotions that accompany their first week of freedom. How much laundry detergent goes in the washer? You actually have to attend class? What amount of Target gift cards are needed to fill an 18x11 dorm room to the br...

Listening to Katrina’s Voice

Steven Fowler

September 8, 2005

Recently, a convoy of minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks rolled into St. Louis carrying essential supplies. Dads and armies of orange shirts unloaded tons of 19-inch televisions, mini-fridges, multiple video game systems and cases of clothing, while students and their moms developed strategies for their de...

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