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Real Men of ______________

ROB GARTLAND March 23, 2006

Seeing as I'm essentially a self-proclaimed wiener, I look upon the faces of classic tough guys as if they were gods. Names like John Wayne, Samuel L. Jackson, Janet Reno and Wolverine come to mind. ...

A Place of Your Own

KATIE LEWIS March 23, 2006

I've been corrupted by Corporate America ... and I think I like it. I know, I know, I jumped on the Starbucks bandwagon pretty late in life-our society's caffeinated six-year-olds would shake their chubby...

Thoughts, Time, Travels

Jared Vandergriff March 23, 2006

When I saw my dad's old passport for the first time, I was in seventh grade. The picture baffled me. Though the name on the passport read "Robert J. Vandergriff," it was obvious that some sort of slow...

Be Smart During Break

Students for Life March 9, 2006

To the Editor: As college students across the nation prepare to embark on journeys to a variety of spring break destinations, a curious coincidence has developed in the advertising campaign of the Planned...

Majors Shouldn’t Carry Same Standards

Sean MacLennan March 9, 2006

To the Editor: The concept that all majors should be treated equally is preposterous and sadly is the principle upon which the University and its scholarship program operate. Not all majors are equal...

Universities Still Free to Disagree

The Editors March 9, 2006

The ability to discriminate between an endorsed opinion and a forced opinion is a marker of maturity. Although students may be impressionable and easily swayed in high school, clear-thinking college students...

Res Life Responds

Argyle Wade March 9, 2006

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the letter authored by Katie Lewis and printed in the March 2, 2006, issue of The University News. I feel that Ms. Lewis unfairly characterized the Department...

Get Involved with Housing Changes

The Editors March 9, 2006

In order to accomodate an ever-changing student body, student housing at Saint Louis University has taken on many manifestations over the last two centuries. A long time before the Village Apartments...

Darfur: Why You Should Care

Carolyn Wendel March 9, 2006

Did you know that there is currently a civil war raging in Sudan? Did you know that the majority of the gun-toting soldiers there are not men but rather young boys? Did you know that these young children...

No One Should Be Above the Law

Paul Woody March 9, 2006

In the first week of Constitutional Law class, law students learn one simple lesson: The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land.?That's a lesson that is commonly understood. If President Bush...

Giving the Devil his Due

Timothy J. Lomperis Ph.D. March 9, 2006

For Christmas, my son gave me a copy of Natan Safransky's The Case for Democracy (2004). It opened with the provocative accusation that in "the world of freedom . the primary challenge is finding the...

Look: See Injustice Here

Mary Devine March 9, 2006

To the Editor: Injustice-it's something horrible that happens far away. Something that we should think about, but that never directly affects us. At the last Billiken basketball game, I saw a horrible...

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