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A Letter to Lawrence Biondi, S.J.

Thomas W. Delaney

August 25, 2005

Dear Fr. Biondi, I am writing this to you to discuss not the graduation fee or the plethora of dismissals this summer, but, rather, your comments in the last issue of this paper.  You commented on how you are a student advocate; you advocate for our needs on a daily basis. I want to say two things ...

Either/Or: An Analysis of the War in Iraq

Stephen Webber

August 25, 2005

  Editor’s note: This column will be run in a two-part format—in each part, the author will present one possible option for ameliorating the situation in Iraq. This week, the commentary focuses on the advantages of building up troops and resources. In the following issue, the colum...

Monologues Must Go

Gene Diamond

August 25, 2005

  The Vagina Monologues Must Go Less than six months ago, Saint Louis University joined 26 other Catholic colleges and universities across the nation when it allowed an on-campus performance of Eve Ensler’s production, The Vagina Monologues. For those unfamiliar with the play, an overview ...

When Fear Rears an Ugly Head

Maryam Zia

August 25, 2005

  As they embark on the new school year, most students are filled with conflicting emotions. Among them are anticipation, excitement, worry and dread. Perhaps the most pervasive feeling, however, is fear. Fear of new classes, new people, new expectations and new failures. I would go so far ...

Moving Back In With My Parents

Maryam Zia

August 12, 2005

      The first few days at home after the school year serve as a period of adjustment for me. I realize that now I have to people them when I am leaving, where I am going and when I will be back. They tell me when they approve of my clothing and my hairstyle; they certainly do not ...

London Calling

Marshall Johnson

August 12, 2005

  I was taken aback by the events on July 7.  I heard about the bombings in London while riding to work in the front of our furniture crew’s moving truck.  The report came on the air on some country station that wasn’t playing Garth Brooks right then.  “At least 33 d...

Preventing the Preventable in Aruba


August 12, 2005

    If you're like me at all (and you probably are), then you most likely feel on top of the world.  My main job is to attend school, the loans from which I will not endure for another couple years, and luckily, I get to party, travel and live it up as often as possible while p...

Bills reach the Sweet 16

Brian Reardon

November 29, 2001

The ghost of last year's first-round loss to Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament nearly came back to haunt the Saint Louis University men's soccer team last Sunday. The No. 6 seeded Billikens found themselves with their back to the wall, down 1-0 with 35 minutes left in a second-round game against the Un...

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