Campaign 2011: Election Season Begins

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Campaign 2011: Election Season Begins

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It’s official, three full tickets are in the running for Student Government Association executive board for the 2011-2012 academic year. The tickets and the candidates names are below.

Presidential candidates from the left Tim Janczewski, Jimmy Meiners and Matt Ryan


President – Tim Janczewski

VP of Finance – Joe Woster

VP of Diversity and Social Justice – Myiah Johnson

VP Internal Affairs – Kathleen Cadigan

VP International – Federico Garcia Lorca

VP of Student Organizations Jessica Rozycki

VP Academics – Grant Podolski


President – Jimmy Meiners

VP of Finance- Sarah El Khatib

VP of Diversity and Social Justice – John Gallagher

VP of Internal Affairs – Brett Delaria

VP of International – Ximena Cordon

VP of Student Organizations – Libby Deiters

VP of Academics – Lauren Chalmers

Building Bridges

President Matt Ryan

VP of Finance – Jonathan Serpas

VP of Diversity and Social Justice – Kripa Sreepada

VP of Internal Affairs – Scott Hessel

VP of International – Stephanie Song

VP of Student Organizations – Tyler Sondag

VP of Academics – Patrick Grillot