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Five Fantastic Foods: Off-Campus Dining by SLU

Five Fantastic Foods: Off-Campus Dining by SLU

Matthew Chambers, Arts & Life Co-Editor October 8, 2021

As college students, many of us do not have cars to get ourselves around town. And when it comes to going out with friends to grab some food or brunch, getting to places off-campus can be difficult without...

Photo Courtesy of Injury Reserve

“By the Time I Get to Phoenix” Review: Injury Reserve Talks to the Elephants in the Room

Daniel Bernas, Staff Writer October 4, 2021

The word “harrowing” is typically reserved for genres of music with the most violent payoff, be it extreme forms of metal or harsher avant-garde genres like power electronics. But rap duo (if you...

SLU Theatre Performances for Fall 2021

SLU Theatre Performances for Fall 2021

Jordan Miller, Contributor October 3, 2021

Theatre is a form of connection that has proved vital to people and groups whose voices ache to be heard, whether that be exposure to foreign circumstance or a simple story that fosters a sense of shared...

Fun SLU Student Food Blogs to Follow Today

Fun SLU Student Food Blogs to Follow Today

Fatema Rehmani, Contributor September 29, 2021

Arguably the epicenter of campus culture is finding the best places to eat and discovering which dining experiences one enjoys most. Luckily, there are several food blogs on campus dedicated to helping...

SLU student Lexxy Ahn poses in thrifted clothing

Bins at a Bargain

Claire Lyons, Contributor September 15, 2021

Are you a college student on a budget? Are you looking to update your wardrobe? Add some new home decor to your dorm? Discover a new book? Maybe start searching for a Halloween costume? You're in luck!...

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Disneys Newest Avenger

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”: Disney’s Newest Avenger

Sara Qalbani, Staff Writer September 15, 2021

After COVID-19 halted the filming process for the new Marvel movie in February 2020, the anticipated “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” finally hit theaters Labor Day weekend. The talented...

“The Green Knight”: Not Your Typical Knight Story

“The Green Knight”: Not Your Typical Knight Story

Grace Rakestraw, Staff Writer September 7, 2021

For anyone having trouble categorizing the new movie “The Green Knight” starring Dev Patel and directed by David Lowery, here is a little context. “The Green Knight” was produced by A24, who have...

Lorde Gets a Little too Much Sun on “Solar Power”

Lorde Gets a Little too Much Sun on “Solar Power”

Daniel Bernas, Staff Writer September 3, 2021

New Zealand’s pop princess Lorde shifted the course of Gen-Z pop in 2013 when her inescapable debut single “Royals” led to a cult classic debut record. “Pure Heroine,” however, was where the...

Dear Students...

Dear Students…

Sara Qalbani, Staff Writer May 8, 2021

As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year, let us take a moment to reflect on the hardships that we’ve gone through, as a community and as individuals. Each undergraduate student had a different...

Live Music Prospects are ‘Livening’ Up for the Fall

Mathew Chambers, Contributor May 8, 2021

As more people across the nation begin to get vaccinated, things are looking hopeful for returning to a ‘pre-pandemic’ life. This includes being able to have mass gatherings, more specifically being...

Photo courtesy of @sluvirginityclub

Chastity is No Joke to these Jokesters

Daniel Bernas, Staff Writer May 1, 2021

Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal of Girl Defined have garnered a lot of enemies with their sugar-coated preachings on purity culture. Among the latest in their list of blocked Instagram accounts is a group...

Photo Courtesy of Far Out Magazine


Mathew Chambers , Contributor April 23, 2021

As a group, BROCKHAMPTON has been through hell and back. Whether it was the emotional turmoil of kicking a close friend out of the band, family members passing or coming to terms with being ostracized...

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