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Rebecca LiVigni, Editor-in-Chief • May 2, 2021

I read once that we, like potted plants,need to be uprooted, stripped of the comfortable storecontainer we call home. We need to be...

Spring at SLU
Spring at SLU
Andrea Porter, Photo Editor • May 1, 2021

Just over a year ago, many students were on their spring breaks having the time of their lives. Students became hopeful that school was halfway...

Graphic Courtesy of Grace Dunlavy
SLU Should Analyze the Applied Behavioral Analysis Program More Closely
Penelope Gardner, Opinion Editor • September 15, 2021

Last semester, I signed up for a special topics night psychology class on applied behavior analysis. It seemed to be an interesting type of...

Redefining “Cool Girl”
Redefining “Cool Girl”
September 15, 2021
SLU student Lexxy Ahn poses in thrifted clothing (Photo Courtesy of Andrea Porter)
Bins at a Bargain
Claire Lyons, Contributor • September 15, 2021

Are you a college student on a budget? Are you looking to update your wardrobe? Add some new home decor to your dorm? Discover a new book? Maybe...

What Are the Women Wearing?
What Are the Women Wearing?
Sydney Altemose, Associate Sports Editor • May 2, 2021

Throughout the past five years, the WNBA has undergone a serious revolution. It’s not just that their prominence has risen, or that their...

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