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SLU’s Latest Budget Cuts Show that the First isn’t Always the Deepest
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Tannock Blair, Associate News Editor | May 2, 2019

At the beginning of April, all of SLU’s deans were issued budget cuts by the provost, Chet Gillis. The college of arts and sciences was issued the biggest number, that of $4.1 million. In addition to $1.6 million that the college still has left in “academic reinvention” that they have to complete in spring, this functionally rounds out to about 10 percent of the college’s budget. Most of the college’s budget goes toward personnel, so...

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SLU and WashU Join Forces to Create COLLAB

Caroline Lipski, Staff Writer | June 18, 2019

Despite being only half a mile away, the Cortex Innovation District remains a mystery to most SLU students. A 200-acre hub for technology and science, the Cortex buzzes with over 400 companies and thousands of employees on a daily basis. To generate this same buzz for the Cortex among their own students, SLU and Washington University have partnered to create COLLAB, an academic space within the Cortex...

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Morris Blurs the Lines of Country

Recent Arts Stories

“Naturally Tan” is Naturally a Hit

July 16, 2019

On June 8,Tan France found himself standing in front of a sold out event hosted by the Saint Louis County Library in collaboration with Left Bank Books....

Aly & AJ gave audiences a rush

May 15, 2019

I frantically ran into Delmar Hall, still in my scrubs from clinical, scrambling to find a good place to stand. Where do you even stand for an artist you’ve...

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Why the Sharks Deserved to Win Game 7

Recent Sports Stories

Softball Wins Five Consecutive, Hopes to Sneak Into A-10 Tournament

May 2, 2019

The SLU softball team is going into their final series of the regular season in Olean, N.Y. to take on the St. Bonaventure Bonnies this weekend. The Bills...

From Goal Line to Sideline: The Rise of Coach O

May 2, 2019

“I didn’t really feel it at first,” said SLU women’s soccer goalkeeper Olivia Silverman after taking a knee to the back of the head in their NCAA...

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Pause for Opinion: Episode 9

Recent Opinion Stories

Pause for Opinion: Episode 8

May 6, 2019 Hello again! As an initial warning, I would like to say...

May 6, 2019

Many people stress over the fact that they have to take mathematics in high school or college. Students do not want to find the roots of a quadratic equation,...

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