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“Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” Healed my Girlhood

Morgan Hausback, Copy Editor May 11, 2023

Last weekend, I took myself on a date to the Alamo Drafthouse to see “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.”  The film instantly transported me back to my fifth grade self, when my mom sat me...

Swindled By SLU: How the UNews Got Evicted For the 3rd Time

Diana Jakovcevic, Editor in Chief April 28, 2023

The University News has been at SLU since 1921, and much has changed in the last few decades. With the rise of online media, there is a decreasing consumption of physical paper news, making our print issues...

(Ariana Magafas / The University News)

Redesigning the City

John Prusak, Opinion Editor April 26, 2023

The identities of many Americans are tied to their cars. Whether it be the wealthy business-person and their Mercedes GT-Class, or the soccer mom with her Honda Odyssey, the model of car one drives can...

The What, Why and Hows about Pollen Allergies

The What, Why and Hows about Pollen Allergies

Ameya Padakanti, Staff Writer April 25, 2023

It is finally spring time. Tulip season, flowers and greenery. These are the images that usually come to people’s minds when they talk about the season, but do not forget the one downside. Runny noses,...

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Calla Truschel Jacobs, Contributor March 29, 2023

Spring has officially sprung. With it, comes the delightful ecosystems that have been sleeping for the past few months which have opened their blossoms and developed new leaves. So many new smells and...

Americas Housing Shortage

America’s Housing Shortage

Steven Lum, Opinion Editor March 29, 2023

It is no secret that housing prices in the US have gone up. At the end of 2013, the average new home cost $334,400. At the end of 2022, that cost shot up to $535,800. Many factors influence this jump,...

Loving Yourself through Yoga

Loving Yourself through Yoga

Ameya Padakanti, Contributor March 29, 2023

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Hold it in. Feel a sense of peace. Well, if you are trying that right now, I am here to say that you are doing yoga. Congratulations! But holding your breath is not...

Unlocking Consciousness

Unlocking Consciousness

MC Pavlick, Contributor March 29, 2023

If you have ever had a moment where you have just fallen asleep, yet you were  aware of the fact that you were sleeping, you were probably lucid dreaming. Whether it is for a couple of minutes at the...

Courtesy of Brooke Kenworthy.

Letter to the Editor: Brooke Kenworthy

Brooke Kenworthy, Contributor February 27, 2023

Hello Billikens! My name is Brooke Kenworthy. I’m a Junior majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Studio Art! After much prayer and planning, I have decided to run to serve as the 2023-2024...

Courtesy of Marquis Govan.

Letter to the Editor: Marquis Govan

Marquis Govan, Contributor February 27, 2023

Who am I?  I am a practitioner of love, a servant grounded in faith, I am fallible. Though indeed I’m also an activist, an empath who seeks to emulate the magnanimous grace of the god that I serve....

In the Wake of a School Shooting; Targets or Backpacks?

Lauren Hutchens, Contributor February 23, 2023

Senior Mikayla Sanders of Central Visual Performing Arts High School (CVPA) experienced the tragedy that killed both student Alexandria Bell and teacher Jean Kuczka who each died of a single gunshot wound. On...

The People SLU Forgot About

Katie Ross, Contributor February 23, 2023

It is no secret that the discussion surrounding student mental health at Saint Louis University has ramped up in the last year or so. After three undergraduate students died by suicide during the 2021...

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