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2020-2021 Editorial Board

Editor-in-ChiefRebecca LiVigni ([email protected])

Managing EditorClaire Battista ([email protected])

News Section

News Editor – Riley Mack ([email protected])

Associate News Editor – Conor Dorn ([email protected]) 

Opinion Section

Opinion Editor – Conor Van Santen ([email protected])

Arts Section

Arts Editor – Celia Searles ([email protected])

Arts Editor – Sydney Compton ([email protected]

Sports Section

Sports Editor – Erin McClelland ([email protected])

Associate Sports Editor – Sydney Altemose ([email protected])

Photo Section

Photo Editor – Andrea Porter ([email protected])

Photo Editor – 

Copy Desk

Copy Editor – Jacob Cunningham ([email protected])

Copy Editor – MaryCait Dolan ([email protected])

Technical Staff of the Editorial Board

Online Editor – Sophie Perry ([email protected])

Social Media Editor – 

Design Editor – Grace Dunlavy ([email protected])

Illustration Editor –

Multimedia Editor – 

Business Staff

([email protected]) – 314-977-2812

General ManagerDaniel Bernas ([email protected])

Editorial Advisor – Michelle Peltier ([email protected])

Editorial Board recognized Faculty Mentor – Avis Meyer ([email protected])

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