So it begins: 2016 elections

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After the conclusion of the 2014 midterms, it did not take long for the media to switch gears and start talking about the next presidential election. Congress has only been in session for a little over a month; along with President Obama, they still have two years of work ahead of them. Yet, Republicans are already licking their lips, vying for the presidency. In our political system, the parties are never satisfied. Democrats are hoisting Hillary Clinton into the air as if she is the nominee before she has even declared her candidacy. It is a constant battle for power that unfortunately degrades the integrity of our government. Unfortunately, we pay the price of the power struggle.
The Democratic Party currently has one clear front-runner in Hillary Clinton. Several political action committees have already started raising money and preparing propaganda for her candidacy.
However, she still has not announced her intent to run. Hillary Clinton is arguably the most successful female politician this country has ever had. She could also be considered among the elite of all American politicians. Having served as First Lady, a Senator from one of the America’s largest states (New York), and as a Secretary of State, she definitely has had a prolific career. Although certain controversies surround her, such as the scandal surrounding the 2011 terrorist attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, she is no question the clear front-runner for the Democrats.
Other potential candidates for the Democratic Party include Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a senator who has made quite a name for herself recently. In contrast to Hillary Clinton, she has really put herself in the spotlight, speaking the message the Democratic Party wants to be heard at conventions around the country and in her work as a senator. As for the rest of the democratic field, it has not yet filled out. Some names have been thrown out there, such as former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley or even Vice President Joe Biden. Neither seem to have caught the attention of the American public.
The Republican field, on the other hand, is packed with potential candidates; the problem is no one knows whom to trust. After all the “third time’s a charm” talk about Mitt Romney running again ended, the field has once again become wide open with close to twenty candidates.
This article is just going to focus on two of the more prominent candidates in the field. When former Florida governor Jeb Bush announced he was considering a run for president several months back, he instantly jumped to the top of the list. The son of a former president and brother of another, he has clear name recognition. His more centrist viewpoint especially on issues such as immigration would appeal to a broader spectrum of the American public. However, are the American people really going to accept another Bush in the White House?
Then there is Chris Christie, the outspoken New Jersey governor. He has already begun traveling the country, meeting people; out of all the potential candidates he looks most set to seek the presidency. His biggest issue in my opinion is his inability to hold back. He is incredibly boisterous and outspoken, which could prove disastrous during a stressful election campaign.
Other potential candidates include Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and former Arkansas governor and Fox News host Mike Huckabee.
Despite all the chatter, my opinion is it is simply too early to be thinking about whom our next president will be.
We have two more years of gaffes, political games, and big-money campaigns before all will be decided. That is plenty to keep the media occupied, we all just need to sit back and not get ahead of ourselves.