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Letter to the Editor: Fresh Gatherings’ 10 percent charge on purchases is unfair

[email protected]

September 8, 2011

I feel I speak for a majority of the student body that graces the medical campus when I say that we are upset by Chartwells imposition of a 10 percent charge on all purchases using Flex Points at Fresh Gatherings Cafe, located in the Allied Health Building. Due to the fact that I reside off campus,...

B*llikens for Choice’s actions were immature

Claire McKeone

May 5, 2011

I was appalled by the actions of B*llikens for Choice as they littered the campus with their Easter eggs. This immature act did not fulfill any part of their mission. Seeing Easter eggs reminds me of my childhood, of the joy and hope that comes with Easter. If I had been so unfortunate to open one of...

Missourians’ rights under attack if bill is approved

Rachel Boeglin

April 28, 2011

Missourians’ rights as employees, renters and home-buyers are under attack in the form of SB188, a bill that currently sits on Governor Nixon’s desk to be either approved or vetoed. This legislation changes the language of the Missouri Human Rights Act to make it harder to prove discrimination...

Letter to the Editor: UNews neglected to cover wider city election

Letter to the Editor

April 7, 2011

Did you know that St. Louis taxes your paycheck just because you either live or work here? Did you know that this tax funds 31 percent of the city’s budget? Did you know that if you are a registered voter here in St. Louis, you could have voted to either strike or keep that earnings tax? Did you...

Hammocks on campus are temporary diversions paid with students’ tuition

Letter to the Editor

March 31, 2011

The hammocks in the quad are an ill-conceived, black eye for the University’s campus. Of course they are the new fresh thing and seem “cool,” as the SGA president noted in her weekly email address; however the hammocks are nothing more than a tacky attempt to be something that we are not. Students...

SLU needs to improve bathroom facilities

Letter to the Editor

March 31, 2011

Ah, it’s the small things in life we learn to appreciate as we get older. I’m writing in support of Doug Anstoetter’s piece, “Single-ply toilet paper makes life on SLU’s campus ‘rough’.” I’ve been at SLU for 25 years, and it seems this issue has gotten rougher in the last several...

SGA senators lost an opportunity to be true student representatives

Letter to the Editor

March 25, 2011

After sitting in on the Senate debate on March 16, I was faced with some harsh realities about how some SGA senators view their role on this campus.  I came to SGA to hear the debate on a resolution that would effectively state that the students of Saint Louis University oppose HB 329 HJR 14 SB 3 SJR...

Newly elected SGA executive board thanks voters and sets goals

Letter to the Editor

March 3, 2011

We just wanted to take this moment to thank all those who voted on Monday in the student government election. This campaign showcased 21 students dedicated to improving this University. The integrity and passion throughout the campaign, from all three tickets, brought out the core of student government: ...

Proud community member expresses gratitude

Letter to the Editor

March 3, 2011

On Feb. 25, my husband and I attended The “SLU Monologues.”  We were very impressed by the performances and were touched by the vulnerability and passion of the performers. When we left, I inadvertently left my purse near where I was sitting.  I didn’t realize this until the next morning when...

SGA advises students to be informed voters

Letter to the Editor

February 24, 2011

In the spirit of The University News’ voter guide, we, as the current Student Government Association Executive Board, wanted to comment on the importance of the SGA elections.  The candidates running in this election are competing for the positions that we currently hold. Although we have decided ...

Faculty mentors need to connect to students

Letter to the Editor

February 17, 2011

As a student in the College of Arts & Sciences with two majors and one certificate, I have received excellent guidance from my academic adviser and faculty mentors. However, in discussing this with students and administrators I have learned that this level of service is not universal. Faculty...

Athletics department congratulates SLUNATICS on energy and leadership

Letter to the Editor

February 17, 2011

Congratulations on a successful bus trip to the men’s basketball game vs. Xavier and for the increasing participation at Billiken men’s basketball games. The energy that the SLUNATICS generate in Chaifetz Arena clearly makes a difference.  Last week, a large, boisterous group of SLU students...

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