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Dear Students...

Dear Students…

Sara Qalbani, Staff Writer May 8, 2021

As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year, let us take a moment to reflect on the hardships that we’ve gone through, as a community and as individuals. Each undergraduate student had a different...

Reflecting on a Year in the Pandemic

Abby Campbell, Staff Photographer April 1, 2021

Living through a pandemic for over a year has been a time of self reflection, hardships and learning to find joyful moments in the midst of uncertain times for many people. The University News asked 12...

SLU Courses and COVID-19

SLU Courses and COVID-19

Conor Dorn, Associate News Editor March 29, 2021

Since SLU first transitioned to virtual learning last March, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended almost every traditional method of teaching and learning across all majors and colleges. And while it is...

SLU African-American Studies Faculty

African-American Studies to Become a Department

Klaudia Wachnik, Staff Writer March 29, 2021

A longtime in the making, African-American Studies is finally becoming a department at Saint Louis University, and is set to get full department status by the fall 2021 semester.  Many in the...

Stop the Hate Vigil Calls for Change

Stop the Hate Vigil Calls for Change

Zoë Butler, Staff Writer March 29, 2021

Soi Lee, a junior at SLU, woke up Thursday morning too upset to make it to class. It was March 18—the heart of midterms and two days after a white male shot up three different Asian spas in the Atlanta...

Day in the Life of a SLUdent

Day in the Life of a SLUdent

Andrea Porter, Photo Editor February 27, 2021

On Mar. 13, 2020, students learned that Saint Louis University would be closed for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. Two months into the pandemic, SLU was eager and arranged for students to safely...

2021 Senior Reflections

2021 Senior Reflections

Erin McClelland, Sydney Compton, and Celia Searles February 27, 2021

Erin McClelland, Sports Editor Unlike many college students, I have had the same major throughout the duration of my college career. When I committed to SLU, I knew I was going to be a double major...

Photo Courtesy of Saint Louis University

The Bills are Buzzing

Sydney Altemose, Associate Sports Editor February 26, 2021

Chaifetz Arena is always busy. Athletes hustle in and out of the VIP entrance, headed for rehab or running to lift. Players run down the hallway to grab items from their respective locker rooms. Coaches...

SLU’s Best Classes, According to the Students Who Have Taken Them

SLU’s Best Classes, According to the Students Who Have Taken Them

Clarke Taylor , Contributor February 17, 2021

As students, we dread the mere fact that we are in school for at least another four years, maybe even more. We try to take our classes and just move on with our time in school. However, you never know...

The Bog

The Bog

Michael Treviño, Contributor February 15, 2021

We met at the Einstein’s Bagels in the Saint Louis University library. If I think about it now and try to assign some meaning to it, then I guess it was poetic in a way, meeting in a library. A sturdy...

An Open Letter to SLU Administrators Regarding the Recent Email to the Student Body

An Open Letter to SLU Administrators Regarding the Recent Email to the Student Body

Conor Van Santen and Daniel Bernas February 15, 2021

To the Administration of Saint Louis University: We wish that we didn’t have to write this letter. In the midst of this deadly pandemic, circumstances behoove us to come together and unite in solidarity...

Jesuit Hall, 3601 Lindell Blvd.

The Future of Jesuit Hall at SLU

Klaudia Wachnik, Staff Writer February 15, 2021

Jesuit Hall at SLU, located on Lindell Boulevard, has existed for one hundred years; initial construction was completed in 1921. Originally the building was known as the Melbourne Hotel, one of the nicest...

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