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Editorial Board

Editor-in-ChiefKyle Smith ([email protected]) – 314-977-2812

Managing Editor – Vacant Position ([email protected])


News Section

News Editor – Tim Wilhelm ([email protected])

Associate News Editor – Emily Higginbotham ([email protected]) 


Opinion Section

Opinion/Editorial Editor – Trevor Rogan ([email protected])


Arts Section

Arts Editor – Tess Brock ([email protected])

Associate Arts Editor – Natalie Riopelle ([email protected])


Sports Section

Sports Editor – Lauren Tondl ([email protected])

Associate Sports Editor – Vivek Gorijala ([email protected])


Copy Desk

Copy Editor – Mack Korris([email protected])

Copy Editor – Maggie McGowan ([email protected])


Technical Staff of the Editorial Board

Photo Editor – Ryan Quinn ([email protected])

Design Editor – Vacant Position ([email protected])

Online Editor –  Meredith Hargis ([email protected])



Business Staff

([email protected]) – 314-977-2812

General Manager – Sanjay Seetharaman ([email protected])


Editorial Advisor – Michelle Peltier ([email protected])

Editorial Board recognized Faculty Mentor – Avis Meyer ([email protected])



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