Texas Escapees Posed As Christian Missionaries

WOODLAND PARK, Colo.-Larry Harper wanted a Bible-a good one. On Jan. 13, he went to the Touch of Love, a Christian bookstore here, and ordered the burgundy, leather-bound Ryrie Study Bible. On Saturday, Harper, a convicted rapist, picked it up and paid the $73.99 bill in cash.

“He really seemed on fire for the Lord,” said Charlee Schwery, owner of the bookstore. “He smiled even in his eyes.”

For two weeks, it seems, they behaved the way you would expect seven of most wanted men in America to act, staying in their tucked-away campsite and venturing into town in small groups on rare occasions.

But in the past week or so-whether buying Bibles in a bookstore, ordering lonch or knocking back Coronas in a local bar-the seven fugitives from a Dec. 13 Texas prison break began to emerge, locals say, compromising their anonymity. The motor home park owner tipped authorities that the group was hiding out there after seeing the suspects on the show “America’s Most Wanted.”