Local band hits the road on new tour to support album

One St. Louis-based band is making a name for itself.

Nothing Still, made up of Emilio Hernandez (vocals), Tom Fedke (bass), Patrick Slusser (drums), Anthony Ficken (lead guitar) and Matt Kleemann (guitar), drew inspiration for their name from an encounter Slusser had with a teacher.

“The name comes from the conversation that I was having with my teacher,” Slusser said. “He asked me what the name of my band was, but he didn’t know we had broken up. I said ‘nothing, still,’ and he said that’s an interesting name. We started this band, and it just stuck.”

Though the band doesn’t have one distinctive musical influence, Hernandez can identify a few bands that played a part in shaping Nothing Still’s sound.

“We are kind of all over the place,” Hernandez said. “We are definitely influenced by the music from the ’80s as well as recent music. We are influenced by bands from Guns N’ Roses to current bands like Kings of Leon.”

The band finds it equally hard to define what genre they fall into.

“We’ve never been really locked down,” Slusser said. “We could be considered new wave revived. We just want to make a record that makes a good live show for your fans.”

Material for songs, however, is an easy thing for them to describe.

“I’m influenced by everything going on,” Hernandez said. “It could be a day-to-day thing to how people relate to one another. It can be any type of emotion that I found inspiration in.”

The title of Nothing Still’s recently released album I’ve Got a Feeling I’ve Slept Here Before, pays homage to what it means to be a part of a band.

“It comes out of true stories of the band going on tour,” Slusser said. “You go through these towns and have déj? vu moments. It’s just the craziness of the road. Like, one time we had finished a show in Springfield, Mo., and we had nowhere to stay. So, this woman gave us her house to stay in since her children were gone for the weekend. We woke up the next morning and were freaking out about where we were. So, we wrote her a note and snuck out of the house.”

Nothing Still hasn’t forgotten its roots and still enjoys playing in St. Louis.

“It is the most fun to do,” Slusser said. “It can be difficult sometimes to get people to come out, but its always a pleasure to play for the hometown friends. It brings out the best in us.”

The band is going on tour in a few months to promote its new album.

They are also working on writing another.

“We never stop writing songs,” Hernandez said.

Right now, the sky seems to be the limit for Nothing Still.

Visit www.myspace.com/nothingstill or www.nothingstill.com for more information about the band, to buy their album or other merchandise or to view their tour.