SGA “lame duck” may still take flight

Great presidents often emerge from the crucible of great trials. Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt (both Teddy and Franklin) and Kennedy-each is associated with charisma shown in the face of challenge.

The same standard may be applied locally to the presidents of Saint Louis University’s Student Government Association. The year has provided few real challenges for the Howard administration to overcome, a fact that its performance reflects. After three academic quarters, Howard and company better reflect, say, Warren G. Harding’s tenure than Washington’s or Lincoln’s.

Though members of this year’s executive board may consider themselves to be “lame ducks,” now that The Next Step is stepping up to the plate of student politics-President Sam Howard even has a plush duck figurine to commemorate the shift-it’s time to examine this SGA’s progress.

The legacy of the Howard administration is one of modest yet visible improvement to SLU student life. As imagined in its platform, this ticket has worked to improve SLU’s “green” status and openness to environmental sustainability. The only food-service items in the Busch Student Center that can’t be recycled, according to Food Services Committee Chair Andrew Miller, are the bagel bags at Au Bon Pain. Senators’ consistent efforts to extend SLU Pius Library hours en route to a 24-hour library are also much appreciated.

Senators have also worked closely with University marketers to promote SLU’s “Be a Billiken” campaign. Though the association between the rhetoric of SGA and University marketing overlaps too closely for the comfort of this Editorial Board in the Billiken arena, SGA’s efforts at building SLU spirit-from the Humphrey’s mural to the “Cannonballer” experiment-reflect a healthy excitement for the new-ish Chaifetz Arena and Billiken Basketball.

Senators and executives alike must strive to accomplish as many of their original platform points as possible; any new points must come directly from The Next Step’s platform. This year’s senators should strive to return as upperclassmen to provide continuity and mentorship for future members. Each senator would do well to join a few Chartered Student Organizations to increase maturity and understanding of University life.

In this final quarter of political game-time, SGA still has the opportunity to distinguish itself-there’s no time left for lame ducks.