Harriss vetoes senate proposal

Student Government Association uses its veto power about as often as country music stars win VMA awards. Yet Michael Harriss, SGA president, has broken the vetoing dry spell.

The veto was against a recent SGA decision to exempt women’s soccer from its recent decision to cut spot-funding to Chartered Student Organizations. Often the need for additional funding arises when a team discovers that they need extra money to attend a regional or national competition, an expense that couldn’t be allotted for when the initial budget was formed.

Before, SGA would foot the bill, but because of a recent budget crisis they decided to fund only 60 percent. Yet they had exempted women’s club soccer from this rule due to the fact that the organization couldn’t pay for their upcoming competition and hadn’t anticipated the need to.

Now, Harriss is rescinding that choice, and we agree with this decision. The senate shouldn’t have passed the exemption in the first place. Although it is certainly an unfortunate situation for women’s club soccer, it would be more unfortunate to leave room for double standards in their policy.

We also feel that SGA deserves a pat on the back for being proactive and for not allowing a bad decision to sit. It would be all too easy to let it lie on the books rather than taking time out of their busy schedules and the already epochal SGA meetings to revise their decision, but like all good governments, SGA is making attempts to amend. This constant process of self-review is necessary for all institutions; by putting forth the effort to modify resolutions, SGA is acting as a check on itself.

In an age of often unscrupulous political and economic morals, this should be reassuring to all students.