How our world works: New Science Section

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Science is inescapable. In our modern world, we can thank the developments science has produced for making our daily life that much easier and the advances it continues to make that impact the world. From the food we eat to the technology we depend on, no one is unaffected.

At Saint Louis University, four out of the five top undergraduate majors pertain to the science or healthcare fields. Even if your degree does not fall under the sciences; technology, communication, and health pertain to every every major. Being the representative of the students’ at Saint Louis University, the University News has decided to include a science section to not only keep students informed about news that affects science majors, but to report scientific news that interest all students.

The Science section will include information about research being done by SLU’s faculty as well as national and international science news. If you would like to be involved with reporting science news, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]