The Woes of Grand Forest 3434


I live in Grand Forest. Please don’t stalk me. Just kidding, it’s 3434 we’re having a party on Friday night. See you there. Just kidding again, I’m babysitting because I have to make that bread.

Anyway, as a woman who has to go out and make that bread, I need to dress decently to go to the homes of the rich and bored in St. Louis County to look after their children. In order to do this, I have to wash my clothes, but alas, Grand Forest has kept me from being able to do this for over three weeks.

I am one of the lucky ones in Grand Forest 3434 who has loving parents with a full refrigerator just 20 minutes away from SLU. In my rare free time as finals approach I go over to good ol’ mom and dad’s to do my laundry, but for the rest of Grand Forest 3434, not having a working washer and dryer has been a large inconvenience.

My roommates Aubrey and Mimi, you can stalk them, have to find a time where one of our fellow residents is home, go to their apartment complex and do laundry, come back to 3434 to do homework—or, let’s be honest watch Netflix. They then either have to be entrusted with the key of the sweet keeper of the laundry, or text them, make sure they answer, walk over and be let in to switch their laundry. Another 40 minutes later, this process is repeated when my roommates go to pick up their laundry.

We have put in multiple maintenance requests asking for this problem to be resolved, along with many of the other people living in 3434.

This isn’t apartment C’s only problem. Because my parents live decently close to campus, I have been willing to overlook and persevere through the issues going on in the basement with our washer and dryer, but now me and my roommates have run into another snag in our day-to-day lives. We are three healthy gals and thus we like to cook as such. We consistently make meals at home and so we need a working sink. A simple request from some humble college students.

Let’s cut to the chase, the sink won’t drain, but we have to eat, so the sink has potato skins floating in water. It’s not a good look. We have also put in maintenance requests for this as well. It’s been five days like this. It’s gnarly.

I just want to live in a place that has working amenities! Please! Please! Please!

Freshman year, I was oh so lucky to live in Walsh, “one dub,” if you will. Me and my lovely roommate lived directly above the laundry room. It was so hot in our room that I slept in my ever so gracious friend’s room on her futon in order to be comfortable throughout the night.

My father, a man that single handedly keeps the air conditioning industry thriving, was livid when he found out about this. Think “Daddy’s Home 2” when the annoying step-daughter keeps turning up the heat and all of the fathers find some common ground on this one issue, the thermostat. Dads like it cold, and I guess the older I get the more I am turning into my dad. I like it cold as well.

This leads me to hopefully my last issue with Grand Forest. My apartment is incredibly cold. I love it cold. A nice 68 degrees in the apartment, wonderful! But I have had to continue to wear my winter jacket as I come in from walking back home after class. My roommate, Aubrey, even bought a space heater so that we can be a little more comfortable. My hands are actually cold as I write this.

Needless to say, maintenance, these conditions are bananas. I just want things to work. I don’t need the Hilton rewards member amenities, just some average stuff that works. Since it is the holiday season, and in the spirit of giving, could you give Grand Forest 3434 a new washer and dryer? And to all a good night.