Artist Spotlight: The Leonas


“Steph Plant plays guitar, Sarah Vie violin, and together they sing.” 


The Leonas are a St. Louis-based group whose music will carry you away. This dynamic duo’s music is an acoustic mix of folk and indie. Their powerful voices are raw and fluid, and their talent with instruments makes their music a true pleasure to hear. With just one album released in 2016, I may be behind a bit on this spotlight, but their music is still relevant and beautiful. A personal favorite song on their album “Forbidden Fruit” is easily “What Are You Waiting For.” With a sense of urgency in their tone, this song, as well as others, carries a wide range of emotions. The Leonas’ website claims that “their music offers celebration and unflinching appraisal in equal measure. They strive for peace, but do not overlook the obstacles.” This description is very telling of their message, music and purpose. A beautiful theme and reminder to strive for good but not forget to acknowledge all the difficulties that one may come across. Their music, rooted in their own interpretations of hymns and myths, serves as a reminder of a core message that we could all use a little more of in our lives. 

The Leonas were established in 2015 and released their album in 2016, after which they performed around St. Louis and at various markets, bars and venues in other cities. Their lack of inactivity on their joint social media as well as some of their most recent posts lead fans to believe The Leonas are on pause for a moment, all the while Steph and Sarah remain close friends. While one can argue that another album would be wonderful, their album “Forbidden Fruit” continues to be significant to those who listen and enjoy.