A look inside KB’s Sweets, LLC.

A Local Black-Woman Owned Dessert and Coffee Business


Photo courtesy of KB’s Sweets, LLC.

KB’s Sweets, LLC, is proudly owned by St. Louis native, Kandies Bailey. 

From a young age, Bailey was interested in entrepreneurship. She always found herself spearheading her own innovations while working regular jobs when she needed to. After graduating from Mehlville Sr. High School in 1997, she quickly realized that her passion in life was to be a self-starter. 

As time went on, Bailey found herself drawn to starting her own baking business, with her main motivators being a curiosity for exploring all that baking has to offer and a passion rooted in her childhood. 

“Growing up, I always saw my grandmother baking and I knew that was something I wanted to do,” Bailey said.

“However, when I got older, I found myself getting distracted with other tasks. I would be so captivated by the idea of baking, but find it so much easier to grab something from Schnucks instead. Finally, though, I made myself do it. And I never went back,” Bailey said.  This marked the birth of KB’s Sweets, LLC. 

KB’s Sweets are made to order. Bailey’s specialty is her cupcakes, which she carefully handcrafts to match the theme based on customer requests. Using a plethora of different types of flavors and ingredients, she often finds herself making cupcakes for birthdays, weddings and all types of celebrations. In addition to her cupcakes, Bailey also creates custom cakes for all occasions and chocolate-dipped fruit. Her specialties include chocolate-dipped strawberries and pineapple. 

However, KB’s Sweets’ niche is that the company makes its own coffee. 

“I just had surgery and wanted to see how my business could stand out from the rest. That was when I decided to see if I could add coffee to KB’s Sweets,” Bailey said.

“My reason for this is because most of the time when you get a dessert, you get coffee. And so, I decided to do some research on how to create my own coffee brand.”

After partnering with Specialty Java, Bailey began the journey toward creating her own coffee. Today, KB’s Sweets is the only Black-female owned coffee brand in St. Louis. 

Bailey manufactures four blends of coffee: a hazelnut brew called “Pretty Girls”, a caramel, hazelnut and butterscotch blend called “Ambrose Delight”, a dark roast called “Boss Kandy,” and lastly, “Kool Kupcakes,”which is a medium dark roast. At this time, she is seeking to sell more coffee. 

When asked about what the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur was, Bailey emphasized that doing something that is for “her”  and it being a passion she has set out to do  brings her lots of joy. 

“I want KB Sweets to be the brand you get everything you asked for. I will go over and beyond to make sure you get the best quality. My mission is to put smiles on people’s faces,” Bailey said.

When asked the million-dollar-question of what her favorite dessert creation was, Bailey delightedly shared her favorite recipes. 

“There are two things that are my favorite creations: my cupcakes, but also my “Boss Kandy Pudding.” The original is a banana pudding with a bunch of add-ins. When I make it, I make everything from scratch. Then there is a chocolate flavor. It is the same process but I add chocolate brownies and chocolate chunks. There is also a strawberry version of the pudding, with strawberry brownies and strawberries. And lastly, there is a white chocolate one with white chocolate brownies and white chocolate chips.”

Check out Bailey’s website at www.kbs-sweets.myshopify.com.

For those wanting to order Bailey’s specialties, both local delivery and shipping are available.