Letter to the Editor: Marquis Govan

Courtesy of Marquis Govan.

Courtesy of Marquis Govan.

Who am I? 

I am a practitioner of love, a servant grounded in faith, I am fallible. Though indeed I’m also an activist, an empath who seeks to emulate the magnanimous grace of the god that I serve. I am a student, an aspiring social worker and a warrior in the fight for collective justice. It is because of these things and my guiding principles of Radical Love, Radical Community and Radical Inclusion that I am a candidate to be your Student Government Association President.  

Why I’m running

I believe strongly in our mission here at SLU, as this is my ninth year of Jesuit education. I see a beautiful campus on the edge of something so profoundly beautiful, the true holistic viewing of all of its students. Though despite the picture of a joyous SLU, I recognize that isn’t the experience of many. I’ve sat in conversations with so many of you about the challenges you face. I know the story of students who struggle to find friends and acceptance here and who feel alone. The story of students who work 40 hours a week to maintain their ability to go here, the story of students wondering whether they’ll be unhoused because of the rising cost of housing on and off campus. I’ve heard your pains about wanting to live in a place that’s accessible and affordable, and that does the basics, like providing quality food or fixing broken stuff in your dorms.  

Each day I carry these concerns and stories with me; they were the guiding passion for putting my name on the ballot. Though to be clear and frank this isn’t about Marquis, it’s about us. It takes all of us together, bringing folks to the table. This campaign belongs to every student looking to build a SLU with Radical Love, Radical Community and Radical Inclusion. It’s why my platform is being written by students from all across campus because we collectively are the solution. I invite you to join me and those other students in imagining a SLU where every student has the ability to not just survive but to thrive. I can’t promise we’ll fix every issue, but I can promise you that every day we’ll fight with a ferocious tenacity to make sure the voices of students are heard.  

I close by saying this, I am not the average student leader. I’m a first-generation college student from the Northside of St. Louis. I don’t exactly come from the places that most people who have held this position do. I’m not a member of what some like to call “the student leadership industrial complex.” Though if you’re looking for a fervently passionate student ready and fit to advocate to improve the student experience here within our community, I’m up to the task. I humbly ask for your vote on March 1.

You can find more policy specifics, plans, endorsements and other things on my Instagram @mg4sga. 

With Love,