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Founded in 1921, The University News is an entirely student-run newspaper at Saint Louis University located in St. Louis, MO. Since there is not a journalism program at Saint Louis University, all editorial content is developed by a staff of student editors, and all advertisements are sold by a staff of student sales associates. The University News is chartered through Saint Louis University’s Board of Trustees, and is published every other Thursday during the academic year.

The University News considers itself a primarily independent student newspaper. Though Saint Louis University provides a space in the Busch Student Center where students can meet and work, along with phone lines and Internet, the printing of the newspaper itself, along with all newsroom computers, printers and student editor/sales associate salaries, is paid for through student-generated advertising revenue. The University does not give money to The University News, and as such, the staff of The University News has complete editorial control over what is published in it.

Generations of students from across the academic spectrum have worked tirelessly to bring the university community fair and accurate coverage of campus news, student opinions, entertainment and sports.

The University News is published bi-weekly on Thursdays during the academic year, excluding exam weeks.

The University News is a student voice, not the student voice. If The UNews can represent a point of view around which discussion may develop, it serves a legitimate and needed purpose. The University News is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, the Student Press Law Center, the College Media Advisers and the Missouri College Media Association, a division of the Missouri Press Association.

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About the Paper