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I Believe Tara Reade

Colin Thierry, Staff Writer April 17, 2020

With Bernie Sanders suspending his presidential campaign last week, the Democratic presidential nomination is all but wrapped up for Joe Biden. Barring any unexpected changes, the 2020 presidential election...

Essential Employees: A Perspective

Essential Employees: A Perspective

Colin Thierry, Staff Writer April 1, 2020

Throughout the early stages of this COVID-19 pandemic, SLU has taken many measures to ensure the safety of its students and employees. This has included switching to fully remote online classes on Zoom...

Jakob Benedetti - Staff Writer

Abolish the electoral college

Jakob Benedetti , Staff Writer May 6, 2019

After Donald Trump became the second Republican in this century—and only the fifth candidate in history to win the Presidency despite losing the popular vote—there has been increased scrutiny by many...

Lexi Kayser - Staff Writer

Psych meds saved my life

Lexi Kayser, Staff Writer April 3, 2019

I’ve spent the majority of my life struggling with mental health issues, from anxiety and depression to eating disorders and PTSD. I’m pretty candid and open about what’s going on in my psyche nowadays...

Jakob Benedetti - Staff Writer

The ‘swamp’ in action: Josh Hawley

Jakob Benedetti, Staff Writer April 3, 2019

On the last edition of “the ‘swamp’ in action,” I took a look at the corruption of former U.S. Senator and current MSNBC analyst Claire McCaskill. I thought it only fair that this time around we...

Nike, they did it

Nike, they did it

Monica Ryan, Managing Editor February 27, 2019

Within the past 12 months, Nike has released two progressive commercials. One on Sept. 7, 2018 featuring Colin Kaepernick among other athletes who have broken barriers and done something “crazy,” and...

Period Pains

Period Pains

Caroline Lipski, Contributor February 13, 2019

Just this past week I was trying to help a friend out when I made a discovery in one of the bathrooms on campus. This discovery—or lack thereof—was the absence of period products, which left me questioning...

Have we made serial killing too sexy?

Have we made serial killing too sexy?

Fiona Clair, Opinion Editor January 30, 2019

The minute Darren Criss walked into the scene with his perfectly tousled curls and his tight shorts I knew there was going to be a problem. There is no question that he played the role of Andrew Cunanan...

Jakob Benedetti - Staff Writer

The Swamp in Action: The Tale of Beto O’Rourke

Jakob Benedetti, Staff Writer January 23, 2019

For the past several months, as gossip about the impending Democratic primaries has ramped up, one name that’s been thrust into the spotlight is that of former Rep. Beto O’Rourke—who narrowly failed...

A Sweet Tooths Guide to Ditching Sugar

A Sweet Tooth’s Guide to Ditching Sugar

Fiona Clair, Opinion Editor December 6, 2018

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it is time for everyone to start loosening their belts and giving up on their diets until New Year’s rolls around again. Or at least that’s always my game plan....

The Woes of Grand Forest 3434

The Woes of Grand Forest 3434

Monica Ryan, Managing Editor December 6, 2018

I live in Grand Forest. Please don’t stalk me. Just kidding, it’s 3434 we’re having a party on Friday night. See you there. Just kidding again, I’m babysitting because I have to make that bread. Anyway,...

War on Christmas?

War on Christmas?

Lexi Kayser, Staff Writer December 6, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and recently, also the touchiest. The past few years have engulfed jolly well-wishers in a fairly intense inter-religious crisis. According to many Christians,...

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