Ferrell keeps Elf from boredom

Combine a city of disbelievers, a blanket of snow and a plot to
save Christmas, and you’ve got the recipe for the typical, boring
holiday movie. That is, unless Will Ferrell is the secret

Director Jon Favreau has combined the perfect mix of casting and
scripting, making Elf a Christmas treat for all.

In Elf, Ferrell plays the role of Buddy, an orphaned
human who climbed into Santa’s bag as a baby. Raised as an elf,
Buddy finally realizes he is a little different from his fellow

After a little consultation from Santa himself (Ed Asner), he
makes the trek from the North Pole to New York City in search of
his father (James Caan).

Buddy takes on New York, learning a few lessons about the human
world, dressed appropriately in his yellow tights and green pointy
hat. From eating cotton balls to drinking maple syrup, to nearly
getting run over by a taxi (twice), Buddy is always doing some
off-the-wall action that is bound to make the audience laugh.

Buddy even gets a job at a department store, working
(appropriately) as one of Santa’s elves. In one scene, Buddy learns
that Santa will be visiting the store, which more than excites him.
That is, until he realizes the Santa is an impostor. He proceeds to
yank off Santa’s beard, screaming that he is a fake.

While the children in the movie are terrified, the audience gets
a good laugh.

He even wins over the heart of Jovie (Zooey Deschanel), a fellow
co-worker elf. Really, what would a Christmas movie be without a
little holiday love?

After numerous failed yet humorous attempts, Buddy eventually
convinces his father that they are related. His dad, a money-hungry
businessman on the naughty list, reluctantly takes him in. Buddy
now has a new 10-year-old stepbrother (Daniel Tay) who doesn’t
believe in Santa. In fact, Buddy realizes the entire city has
forgotten the meaning of Christmas.

With a little elf magic and help from Jovie, Buddy takes on the
task of saving Christmas, as well as his family.

If this sounds reminiscent of every other Christmas movie ever
made, don’t worry; Ferrell manages to pick right up where the
script left off.

As in Old School, Ferrell makes the movie. His use of the
humor of everyday situations, combined with his candid personality
makes Ferrell the perfect elf. If anyone else was in the role, the
movie would be mediocre.

While the PG rating may bring the words “cheesy” or “kid flick”
to mind, Ferrell does a great job of making Elf a comedy for
all ages. Plenty of subtle jokes keep adults laughing, but it is
still cute enough to take the younger siblings to see over
Christmas break.