University lays off employees

After weeks of number crunching and budget proposals, Saint
Louis University has hit its $9.1 million cutback mark–but not
without a few losses. Both yesterday and today, several University
employees have received the notice that they have been laid

“That is the process that is unfolding right now,” said Provost
Joe Weixlmann. “Very few positions on the academic side of the
house” are being eliminated, with the exception of the School of

The eliminated positions in the medical school are mostly in the
University Medical Group, or the practice side of the school. About
seven academic positions are being laid-off throughout the rest of
the University, Weixlmann said.

In addition, the University has shut down approximately 10
faculty positions that are not currently filled. It has, however,
opened up new positions, possibly resulting in no losses. There is
also one active faculty search in process that will have to be shut
down. Since September, the University has been filling vacant
faculty positions on a need basis.

“The net number of full-time faculty is going to be identical
(for next year),” Weixlmann said. “We are in the process of still
trying to put the crosses on the T’s and the dots on the I’s.”

According to Weixlmann, most of the budget reductions are coming
through paring back operating budgets.

Departments are trying to cut unnecessary costs and make use of
more soft-dollar budgets, such as donations and grants.

“At this point, while people have had to sacrifice, there are
going to be no key services that are reduced, no substantial number
of people laid off and no substantial reductions in faculty,”
Weixlmann said. “We could have charged students more money, but we
thought that was the wrong way to go.”