SAB delivers a good spring show

Thank you, Student Activities Board, for rocking our socks this past weekend with the Ben Folds concert.

We’ve criticized you before. We railed on your choice of Eric Hutchinson for the last fall concert. We said we wanted more glamour, more pizzazz; we said we wanted Kanye West or Lady Gaga.

That might have been setting our sights too high, like a kid who asks for a pony for Hanukkah. Either way, you deserve congratulations for this one. Ben Folds was a good act, and what’s more, he managed to draw an audience not just from the student body, but from the entire St. Louis community.

It is events like that that bring the city and the school together, and achieve exactly what universities are meant to achieve: the coalescing of people around music and art.

Now we have something to be proud of, also. Chaifetz is our Excalibur, and you, SAB, you have wielded its awesome power well. You have brought us a solid performance, one that we as students can claim as our own, for it was not delivered by the hands of administrative corporatedom.

Good show, SAB. Good show.