Fresh off of Welcome Week, students need to start molding smart studying habits and niches

Drifting like forgotten sand after the waves of activities from Welcome Week, we are all feeling the adrenaline slow down and the pressure of classes building up. This subtle transition will creep into our Google calendars as socializing falls by the wayside, and chunks of time will be devoted to studying (or its cousin, procrastination). Readings, and study sessions become the frenetic norm of the various cafés and libraries in and around campus. During these caffeine-filled nights, the veterans will set up their battle stations. Favorite café? Check. Favorite desk in the library? Check. Favorite Pandora station? Check. Caffeine? Check. Armed with weapons, we wage war on our course load.
For first year students, classes are new struggles. You have to forge an iron will outside of parental pressure. How do we veterans help them in that organic process of finding study habits and independent determination? While it’s a personal evolution, we can try to assist youngsters with our golden methods. We hope that these rituals will help you on your way to those mythical A’s.
Location can make or break a study night. The Law Library is an old-school library with outlets attached to tables, yellow-lit lamps, and recliner chairs . Pius Library has an air of hushed silence for individual studying. Café Ventana  offers an exciting bustle for group study sessions as well as bottomless cup coffee. Coffee Cartel earns its fame for its determination to stay open and caffeinated 24/7. Whatever the ambiance, location can alter your focus and energy.
Food, drink and music also affect this twisted party-planning. Coffee has ups and downs; rushes are great, but crashes can leave you more unproductive. Snacks take the edge off late-night hunger Pandora and an investment in a good pair of headphones is a near-universal habit.
Whichever path we take, the problem that plagues is time management. No matter how many promises we make and break, we face nights where we start our task-list at midnight. Papers somehow write themselves in our imaginations while stoically remaining blank.
A strong sense of duty to academics and internal will is needed. Time is a delicate burden that needs careful attention. College independence comes with the responsibility to police ourselves. So let’s find that magic cup of coffee, and hit the books.