Bristol Palin is pushed aside by Wash U student voices

Last week, a storm hit Washington University in St. Louis that, far from leaving carnage, has vitalized and refreshed the student body. In its wake it leaves a rather embarrassed national figure, a massive petition and an empowered group of dedicated individuals who set out to create change.

The ousting of Bristol Palin from an abstinence panel by the Student Health Advisory Committee stands as one of the most recent and successful achievements of the power of opinion.

While this is nothing on the scale of student protests that occurred in the 1960s during the Vietnam War, it certainly serves as a powerful example of grassroots leadership.

Students identified a problem with the way resources were being used. Instead of simmering in resentment for a few moments and forgetting about it, they took their complaint to other students. They spread the message, garnered 1,153 signatures on a petition, and raised their voices in opposition.

Students here at Saint Louis University need to learn a ripe lesson here. SLU is not a perfect school; problems exist at every level.

Anything from laundry room maintenance to bureaucratic policies is legitimate game for our critical attention.

As the Wash U students have so admirably exhibited, the power of a few dedicated and determined individuals is not to be underestimated.

They used Facebook to spread the message. They reached the attention of their Student Advisory Board— and they saw sweet success.

At a school where our advisors literally tell us that no student input was taken before certain policies were enacted, it is absolutely incredible to see students so empowered and active in the events and happenings at their school. We give a hearty commendation to student body of Wash U for speaking out against the wrongs that they saw occurring at their university.

Despite the onslaught of this last week, SLU could use this kind of storm.