Let Us Introduce You: Megan Anthony

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Let Us Introduce You: Megan Anthony

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Junior at SLU and The University News editor-in-chief elect for the 2017-2018 school year, Megan Anthony found her passion for writing at a young age. Originally studying communication at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Ala., she re-evaluated its curriculum and decided to transfer to SLU the spring of her sophomore year with the intent of furthering her major with a journalism track.

“I realized I had a talent for writing in middle school, and I really enjoyed it,” she explained. “I was never quite sure how to go about furthering it though – I didn’t want to be an author.” Hesitant about majoring in journalism initially, Anthony worried about it limiting her creativity; therefore, she pursued communication solely at Spring Hill. However, after a college transfer to SLU, she added the journalism track to her major, and her class options broadened, stretching from that of feature writing to  literary journalism.

“Because Spring Hill was so small, there was only one track of classes being offered for that major,” Anthony explained. “We only had the basic classes, so I looked into transferring since there are so many more classes available to me here. There are so many more avenues I can take, and I have greater opportunities for jobs and internships with living right in the city.”

Although Anthony will graduate in a year, she is looking to progress her expertise after working for the UNews: “There is a lot more to journalism now than just being a reporter – you need to know things like social media, camera, video and audio usage. Right now, I am trying to learn as much as I can, so I can be flexible with whatever is presented to me after I graduate. Your skills have to be more than just writing for a newspaper.”

As a “dream job,” Anthony expressed her passion to eventually write for “Time” magazine, or a similar publishing company. Certainly, being open-minded is pertinent in such an evolving field as it is progressively transitioning to more of a social media platform than that of pen and paper. “Being EIC and having other writing experience will give me the inner-workings of what it’s like to work for a larger company,” she said. “I hope to eventually move up the ladder to different leadership positions after graduation.”

Q. What has been you favorite memory this past year? 

Because I transferred to SLU and live at home, I wasn’t on campus enough to make a lot of friends. This year I turned 21, and because I jumped into activities, such as Phi Mu, I had people to celebrate my birthday with.

Q. Why did you rush Phi Mu out of all other sororities? 

I rushed Phi Mu at my old university to meet other people, and I wasn’t even planning on accepting my bid — I just wanted to meet others. During recruitment, though, I fell in love with the girls there, so I decided to accept my bid. I ended up transferring and had a Phi Mu sticker on my laptop. A girl saw the sticker and told me that Phi Mu was becoming a new sorority at SLU. From there, I contacted the people in charge of Greek life, and they put me in touch with Phi Mu headquarters.