Facing the issues close to home


Emma Carmody

SLU student protesters march from the clock tower past the CGC towards the Busch Student Center.

Emma Carmody, Photo Editor

On the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 17, one of the groups protesting the verdict in the Jason Stockley trial marched west from downtown, past Chaifetz Arena and across a section of campus east of Grand Boulevard. Once protesters reached the archway on the west side of Grand, they were advised that only SLU students would be allowed to continue into that area of campus. The larger group continued their march back towards downtown on Lindell Blvd.

SLU student protesters first gathered around the clock tower, before crossing back over Grand and marching through the Busch Student Center. President Dr. Pestello joined the group on the grassy area just east of the BSC for a brief dialogue with student leaders, after which the students marched to Grand Hall. After some discussion regarding access to the dining hall, there was agreement that the students use their campus ID cards to swipe in to continue their protest in the dining hall. University News photo editor Emma Carmody documented some of the moments of the day.