Field Hockey Participates in Giving Tuesday


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The Field Hockey team all pitched in to help raise money on Giving Tuesday. More Than Me received $132 from the team, and the donation was matched by a generous benefactor to fund two girls’ educations in Liberia for a year.

Everyone has heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but a lesser known post-Thanksgiving day to spend money is known as Giving Tuesday. The Saint Louis University Field Hockey team was challenged by their Graduate Assistant Coach, Dominique Masters, to participate either as individuals or as a group to find ways to give back. The team decided to all pitch in $7.75 and raised a total of $132 for “More Than Me,” an organization focused on providing girls in Liberia with education and healthcare. Their mission focuses on using education as a catalyst for transformative social change for every girl in Liberia. Coach Masters found out about Giving Tuesday through social media and she “wanted the team to embrace [the] challenge because it is something worthwhile [and] spreads kindness and creates an impact, big or small.”

Junior Monica Ryan took to the challenge right away and proposed the idea of donating to “More Than Me” as a team, asking each member to give just a little amount.

Liberia’s education system is in a state of emergency, leaving many of the people illiterate and in need of some kind of schooling. Due to a civil war in Liberia, 80 percent of schools were left in shambles and 65 percent of school age children don’t attend any type of school. In 2013, all 25,000 applicants to the University of Liberia failed the entrance exam. About 73 percent of all women are illiterate and only 20 percent of students that enroll in first grade go on to enroll in 12th grade. “I feel really good about getting the whole team on board. We can do more good together than on our own,” said Ryan.

Freshman Jordan BeSore said, “It’s really important to give back, especially to an area or organization you’re passionate about, [like education]. I feel very proud of our team, because I know we all really care about education for women, and it’s something we can all relate to. I’m blessed being able to get a higher education and I want to be able to spread this ability to other girls too, and I’m so blessed to be part of a team that values this as well.”

After donating, the team learned that all donations made on Giving Tuesday to “More Than Me” was matched by a generous donor to the organization. Therefore, $264 was donated in the name of Saint Louis University Field Hockey. Coach Masters said, “Hearing that the team had come together as one group to raise the money for ‘More Than Me’ made me feel so proud! They had the power to choose what they wanted to do as individuals or as groups, and for them to come together as a unit highlights their strength and thoughtfulness as a team.”