Men learn on the road at Marine Corps Museum


Lance Cpl. Haley Gawronski, United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps Major Ryan B. Cohen talks to the men’s basketball team about working as a team and applying leadership skills on and off the court.

This school year, multiple SLU athletic teams have spent time going through physical training and learning leadership skills from the United States Marine Corp. Student athletes have learned to push their bodies to the max and how to encourage their teammates to do the same by being a better leader.

Men’s Basketball is one of the teams that hasn’t had the opportunity to spend time with the USMC yet. But in keeping with the rest of the athletic department, during an away trip to George Mason, the men found time to visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps on January 11.

The team took a tour of the museum and had a marine speak to them.

“They gave us a really great speech about how tough life can be, but college right now is great to have the team around you to support you” said sophomore Jalen Johnson. “That team feeling is such a great thing, and that’s what the Marines are all about. They’re all about team and getting the job done.”

For junior D.J. Foreman the visit brought up similar memories from his recent past.

“I went to a military prep school,” said Foreman, who went to Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, Virginia. “It was really reminiscent going there and just hearing him talk. It just reminded me how much they sacrifice.”

The selflessness displayed by the Marines is something that Foreman noticed as a value of the Marines. Just as “missions get completed,” games get won.

“He told us if you stick together, then everyone will shine,” Foreman said. “Like missions get completed. Selflessness and doing your job for your teammate and comrade.”

A core value held by the USMC is commitment. They perform this by looking to their left and their right in training and in battle. They stay in it because they’re committed to helping their fellow Marine.

Similarly the Men’s Basketball team is “buying in,” said Foreman. “Buying in to what our coach wants us to do. On offense, we’re just really aggressive, gritty overall. I think that makes a big difference when we’re playing.”