And the Academy Award Goes to….


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Daniel Kaluuya, star of Jordan Peele’s critically-acclaimed film, “Get Out," ponders which films will win Oscars this year.

Madisyn Siebert, Staff Writer

The Oscars are right around the corner, on Sunday, March 4th. The event always awards the best of the best, and everyone hopes they can finally have their name engraved on one of the golden statues. Especially this year as they celebrate their 90th anniversary. This year, the competition is stiff with many films going above and beyond in the film world. The most esteemed awards could go to any of the nominees because they are all dynamic and unique. Here are my predictions for the show and what I hope to see.

First off, we have Jimmy Kimmel hosting. I mean, Kimmel is nice— but let’s be honest— whose favorite late night talk show host is Jimmy Kimmel? No one. So, it’s already off to a rocky start in my opinion, but Kimmel may have a few good jokes, and I hope he brings enthusiasm to the show like he has before in the past.

On to the awards, there is the Best Director award. I would personally love to see Christopher Nolan win the award for his work on “Dunkirk.” This film was presented in such a visual and immersive way, where little dialogue and pure emotion dragged you into World War II. But, I think the two people who will actually win the award will be Guillermo del Toro or Jordan Peele. Guillermo del Toro directed “The Shape of Water” and Peele directed “Get Out.” Out of those two, I would prefer to see Peele win for his work on a revolutionary film, which got so much buzz by the public. However, all of the directors did amazing work, so I can’t see myself being disappointed by anyone who is awarded.

The Best Actress nominees are also a little overwhelming just because all of them are so fantastic. Again, my personal pull would be to see Margot Robbie win for her role in “I, Tonya.” She always seems to get snubbed for the awards, but her work in this film is the one that made me the most excited and fall in love with her character. Who do I think will personally win, though? That has to be Frances McDormand, who completely made you feel every emotion by her work in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” She captured audiences across the world as a determined mother trying to figure out who murdered her daughter. I think the other nominees are also amazing, but Meryl Streep has had her time; I think it is time to let some new actresses get the recognition they deserve.

Best Actor nominees fell a bit short for me personally. The only person I personally would love to see win is Daniel Kaluuya, who starred as Chris in “Get Out.” Kaluuya made the movie such the success it was. He carried the role, and brought you along on his journey as Chris Washington. I think the main competitor against him is Gary Oldman, who plays Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour.” I have not seen this movie yet, but Oldman did win the Golden Globes for his performance as Churchill in this movie, which is a good indicator that he is a strong competitor.

The last category that is held in the highest esteem at the Oscars is Best Picture. This year there are nine nominees and honestly it is hard to choose which one will win. My personal favorite to win would be “Dunkirk,” because the camera work really immerses the viewers into the battle of Dunkirk. It has a clear picture and beautiful visuals.

However, what I think will win is a different story. I can see either “The Shape of Water” or “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” taking home the Oscar. There is just so much hype around the two, and for just cause, as both have clear and beautiful pictures, and the footage is edited seamlessly. Any of the nine nominees could take home this prize and I would be satisfied. It would also be great to just see the underdogs win as well.

The 2018 Academy Awards are definitely not something to miss, especially this year with all of the incredible films that were released. But, let’s be real. Will any Oscars be as great as the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally won?