105.7 The Point Big Summer Show did not disappoint


Madisyn Siebert

Thirty Seconds to Mars singer Jared Leto awes the crowd with his wardrobe and his vocals at the 105.7 The Point Big Summer Show.

Madisyn Siebert, Associate Arts Editor

105.7 The Point Big Summer Show did not disappoint at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater on July 9. The show consisted of the groups Welshly Arms, K. Flay, Walk the Moon and headliner Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Fans ranged in all ages from middle-aged adults to young kids – all there to see alternative pop/rock bands that would take to the stage later that evening. The lawn was filled with people on their picnic blankets and lawn chairs from when the doors opened at 5:30 p.m. The full venue showed the dedication of  the fans because the amphitheater is outdoors, meaning they also had to endure the famous St. Louis heat and humidity.

Walk the Moon took to the stage after performances from Welshly Arms and K. Flay. Their opening song sure made everyone turn to the stage confused but in awe as the Circle of Life blared through the speakers. They certainly made the entrance they wanted, with all eyes on them.

The band started off their show with a song off of their latest studio album, “What If Nothing,” to get the crowd excited and on their feet. Walk the Moon did a great job of playing a mix of their three albums, which pleased fans who have been there from the beginning and fans who may have just started to enjoy their music.

They finished off with the perfect mix of their most well-known song, “Shut Up and Dance” and the song “Headphones” off of their last album, encouraging the crowd to get up on their feet and dance. They ended their set with the song that originally put them on the map, “Anna Sun,” before they took their final bows and exited the stage.

Soon enough, all that stood between the fans and Thirty Seconds to Mars was a 20-minute intermission. The stage was stripped of everything, only leaving a guitar stand and a huge screen that took up most of the stage.

When the lights dimmed, the screen lit up and blocked the stage, while the band members took to their spots. The crowd erupted in cheers as they patiently waited for the screen to be lifted. As it slowly lifted, there stood Jared Leto and his brother Shannon Leto.

Jared Leto is known for wearing crazy outfits and this time he did not disappoint. In a red flowy shirt, red pants, red sneakers, black sunglasses and most importantly, gold sequined gloves,he strutted around stage.

During the song “This is War” they brought up a contestant winner who rocked out on guitar with them while Jared Leto ran across the stage, making sure that all sides of the amphitheater were clearly entertained.

They dropped giant inflatable balloons into the crowd in the middle of their set to keep the crowd alive, and they also finished the show off with confetti. Not only was the band interacting with the crowd through random balloons and scraps of paper, but Jared Leto encouraged fans to sing with him and even brought people up on stage multiple times throughout the show. He finished the show with around 150 to 200 people on stage with him and his brother.

Thirty Seconds to Mars was not only there to entertain you, but they also did it while sounding amazing on stage. They sound just as good live as they do on their albums. You definitely get your money’s worth at a Thirty Seconds to Mars concert.

Overall, the experience of 105.7 The Point Big Summer Show was amazing. Whether you were in the front row of the pit or in the very back of the lawn, it was hard to leave this show disappointed.