Pause For Opinion Episode 2

Pause for Midterm Elections. Clair sits down with College Democrats and Republicans.


There is a bias that young people are not informed or politically involved, but if you stroll down any college campus in an election season you’ll see that is simply not the case. This episode I turn to some lovely guests from SLU College Democrats and SLU College Republicans to learn more about this election and the importance of voting in every election. They also highlight voting resources, ways to get politically involved on campus, and a break down of what midterm elections are.

For more information on SLU College Republicans email Dylan McCloskey at [email protected]. For more information on SLU College Democrats message them on Facebook

Pause for Opinion is hosted and produced by Fíona Clair with music by Genna Hilbing. A special thanks to the SLU Communication Department, SLU College Republicans, SLU College Democrats, KSLU, and The University News Editorial Board.

Thanks for listening 🙂