Statement from Labre on “SLU’s treatment of the homeless population exposed”


In regard to the editorial on SLU’s treatment of the homeless population, Labre has issued a statement to provide some clarity:

“We wanted to let you know a few things — since the article was published, we have learned that some of the information we gave at Labre was false. This was information that was given to us by our friends, overheard from the officers who were pressuring them to leave. First, no arrests are apparently being made, only heavy ticketing for panhandling. This is what we’ve been told by SGA, but our friends have also told us they have been arrested, so it’s unclear right now. Additionally, there are apparently no bonuses being administered per arrest or ticket. We apologize for the miscommunication — we were under the impression from administration and from our friends that these things were true at the time that we spoke about them at Labre.”